Favourites by Foodpanda – Those in Woodlands can now order from more than 1 restaurant in one go!

Favourites by foodpanda is one of my go-to options in Woodlands, because I can order from various restaurants like @nenechickensg, @wingzonesg, @ichiban.bento, Saap Saap Thai and @crystaljadesg, all in one go!

Exclusive in Favourites are the mix-and-match bundles, where I got myself the Light Bites bundle $18.35 with NeNe Chicken’s Freaking Hot wings + cheesy fries, and Wing Zone’s stretchy mozzarella sticks Talk about the best of both worlds!

Usually food delivery only allows you to order from one store but with Favourites, you can order from whichever merchants are on board. it is certainly now my number one choice! Especially with Shopback, you can even get up to 8% Cashback. How good is this deal!

Oh, and let’s not forget on the free delivery too! Yes, home delivery just got better.

NeNe Chicken’s Freaking Hot wings were no let down with their fiery hot spiciness that could scorch tongue. The chunky fries came with the velvety smooth nacho cheese, so good I mourned the last dip.

Wing Zone’s Mozzarella Sticks stretched upon a little tug. They were firm, thick and slightly chewy. Dip it into the tomato salsa for a refreshed taste or else just dunk it into the cheese tub, seriously.



Website: https://www.foodpanda.sg/


Yes, Woodlands even has her own Central Kitchen by Foodpanda!

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