Yoogane Singapore CNY Fortune Set with Fried Sea Bass and Gooey Cheese

Ever had Chinese New Year-inspired Korean food? Popular Korean chain Yoogane has rolled out a Fortune Meal Set from 1st February to 2nd March 2018 during this festive season!

Presenting the Bountiful Stew $38.90, indulge in a Fried Sea Bass served with Korean Fishcake, Tofu, Dokboki and Assorted Vegetables in a rich and spicy soup. Surrounding the stew is a layer of gooey and stretchy cheese for dipping your ingredients in.

While the stew is good for two to three pax, you can also top up for more ingredients such as the Mussels $4.90, Quail Eggs $3.90, Squids $4.90 and Prawns $5.90.

For those who needed carbs in your diet, you can also add a portion of Ramen noodles.

The spicy stew had a mild spiciness, and it grew stronger in taste as the food continued to be cooked. Tasty and addictive, I was glad the flavour was manageable.

The fish meat got softer as the soup boiled and was soon scattered in the stew. You might want to be mindful of the bones and not stir the soup too much.

Yoogane has also introduced two Chinese New Year side dishes and one dessert to round up the Bountiful Stew!

The Golden Hei-Ro $9.90 is a unique combination of deep-fried Prawn Kimchi Rice-Roll on Butter Puree with Baked Cheese Mussels.

Fried to golden goodness, this Italian-inspired dish reminded me of arancini, where the marriage of risotto with prawn was deviously lip-smacking delicious.

The Lucky Hot Chick Roll $9.90 is a deep-fried tortilla-wrapped Chicken Galbi with Mozzarella Cheese and Lime Yogurt, and comes with a side of Purple Cabbage Slaw.

I love the contrast of crispy tortilla skin against the tender meats within. Fillings were generous and portion was worth the buck too.

I wasn’t particularly a fan of Dokboki but the Dokboki Bliss $6.80 came highly recommended by the chef. True enough these were not the usual chewy rice cakes you would find in Korean stews. Instead, they were made from Sweet Potato, drizzled in Salted Caramel Sauce and sprinkled with Sea Salt.

One bite into the Dokboki, and I could feel my teeth sinking into the soft texture, revealing a surprising Cheese core. Together with the Vanilla Ice Cream, it was a mix of sweet and saltiness.

I am sold. 

The menu is as followed:

For every $50 spent (excluding GST and service charge), you are entitled to a spin of the Sure-Win Wheel of Fortune and am opportunity to participate in a Lucky Draw! Feeling lucky this CNY?



313 Orchard Rd #B3-37/38, Singapore 238895

Daily: 11:30AM – 10PM

Website: https://www.facebook.com/yoogane.singapore/


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