Yam’s Kitchen – Mother’s Day Cordyceps-infused Menu to Yank your Heart away

Mother’s Day Four Heavenly Treasures


Mother’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the women who lovingly raised us and loved us unconditionally since birth, than with a nutritious dinner at Yam’s Kitchen, home of the award winning deep fried fish tail?


On 5, 6, 12, and 13 May, mothers get to feast on an 8 course Cordyceps infused menu for $8, when accompanied by four full-paying diners. At $49.80 per pax, this nutrition laden feast is pretty much bang for your buck! Manufactured in Singapore, and used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over 10 years, Cordyceps will be offered in four out of ten dishes on this menu. Yam’s Kitchen’s healthy creations were pretty homely and filling.

Cordyceps makes its first appearance in the Mother’s Day Four Heavenly Treasures, which serves up small bites to whet your appetite over familial conversations. This includes Signature Salted Egg Skin, Fragrant Wine Pork Belly, Thai Style Jellyfish, and Cordyceps Wanton with Crab Meat. Care is taken by Yam’s Kitchen to avoid the taste of Cordyceps overpowering the wanton, which made for a pleasant starter.

The real show stopper, though, was the pork belly.

Made with locally bred fish, the Steamed Garoupa Slices in Cordyceps Stock was the highlight for the seafood lover in me. Succulent and perfectly steamed, be prepared for this simple, comforting dish to wow your tastebuds away at how fresh it is! The Braised Ten Headed Abalone with Signature Tofu and Spinach Cordyceps Sauce, which features Fortune Brand Premium abalone, was another crowd winner at our table.

As for the Braised Cordyceps Pork Ribs in Lotus Leaf, it arrived with the most fanfare, in a stunning setup complete with lotus leaf wrapped pork and mushrooms atop an expertly weaved formation.

The non-Cordyceps infused dishes fared as well. Get your cameras ready for the Crisp Prawns and Purple Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries with Lychee and Apple Mayo – it’s so vibrantly coloured you’d definitely want to snap a photo before you tuck in!

Rounding up the meal are Longevity Ee-Fu Noodles with Enoki Mushrooms and Seasonal Greens, another comfort dish that reminded us of the tasty home cooked meals of our childhood.

If you’re still up for a couple more dishes, look no further than Yam’s Kitchen Curry Fish Head and Signature Deep Fried Fish Tail with Garlic and Diced Chilli, both signature features by Chef Kelvin Yam.

Yam’s Kitchen Curry Fish Head
Award-winning Steamed Fish Tail with Sour Spicy Sauce (International Chinese Cuisine Chefs Gold Medallist 2010)

Dessert is an equally nutritious Nourishing Double-boiled Peach Resin with Red Dates.

For the month of May, Yam’s Kitchen will be serving local, organically bred Steamed Silver Perch with Cordyceps ($48), rich in Omega3, DHA, and EPA – so don’t hesitate to pamper mom’s tastebuds at its homely premises in Downtown East!


Mother’s Day Cordyceps-Infused Set Menu

$49.80 per pax

$199.20 + $8 FOR 4 pax + 1 Mother

$398.40 FOR 10 pax + 2 mothers

 Yam’s Kitchen

1 Pasir Ris Close E!hub @ Downtown  East #04-101 S (519599)

Tel +65 6584 5884


Weekdays: 11 am – 3pm5.30pm – 10pm

Weekends and PH: 11.30am – 10pm

Words and Images by @chuepachups

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