Yakitori Lounge Hibiki: Sake Shabu-Shabu And Grilled Skewers In Bukit Timah Road

Nestled along Bukit Timah Road lies Yakitori Lounge Hibiki – a restaurant and bar specialising in grilled skewers and sake.

Lining the walls of the humble-looking restaurant are rows of premium sake and shochu helmed in directly from Japan. One can be sure that Hibiki is a popular hangout among sake lovers, Japanese executives and even the nearby residents for a simple dinner paired with some booze.

While marvelling at the collection of sake that Hibiki offers, I couldn’t resist trying some myself.

Sake Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu

Starting with something warm for the tummy, we had the Sake Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu (feed two pax) that consisted of a Pork Platter (Kurobuta Pork Belly and Kurobuta Pork Collar) and Assorted Vegetables (of White cabbage, Spinach, Shiitake Mushroom, Tofu, Carrot, Konyaku stripes and Japanese Leek).

What’s interesting was the sake-infused broth, unlike the kid’s friendly shabu-shabu we usually had. The taste was pleasant, light and not overpowered by the alcohol.


Definitely not giving these grilled skewers a miss!

Hibiki’s must-tries comes in Ala Carte choices or Mixed Platter of five or ten pieces selected by the chef. Of which, their Kurobuta (aka Black Pork) and Kampung Chicken skewers are their specialities. The meats were really tender and flavourful on their own too.

I would recommend the Kurobuta Tokyojo Yakitori, Kurobuta Bara Yakitori, Momo (chicken thigh), Jikasei Tsukune (grilled with Hibiki’s Yakitori sauce) and Torigawa (fried chicken skin) which are some of my favourites as well.

Healthier options include the vegetable skewers such as the Eringi (Abalone mushrooms), Tamanegi (onions) and Naganegi (leeks).

Side Dishes

Japanese food just can’t get boring with its array of side dishes such as the Tako Kaarage and Yaki-Mentaiko.

Interestingly, the Fruit Tomatoes had me torn at its hidden sweetness packed within the oval-liked body.

For something refreshing, the Shakushina Pickles made a great appetiser for its crunchiness and tanginess at the same time.


Expect Japanese desserts like the Matcha Warabi Mochi and Homemade Sweet Potatoes Cake to end on a sweet note. I especially loved the ice cream that came in four kinds of flavours – Tenpien (Sea salt), Houji Cha, Yaki Imo and Vanilla – all served with sweet potato stripes.

Hibiki might also be launching a new dessert which is the colourful parfaits (see below), filled with vanilla ice cream and a variety of toppings.


A traditional drink among Japanese, the Chuhai is made from Shochu which in turn comes from food. This is one excuse to drink and not get drunk! Think flavours such as Lemon, Ume, Cucumber and Gari (Ginger); each drink is distinct in their own taste and colours.

This bottle of sake wine served in a wine glass was delicious with its light and smooth finish.

Another premium sake we tried was from Kagamiyama.

Overall, Hibiki is a very cosy and unpretentious restaurant cum lounge to dine and drink. The food and drinks were enjoyable while bonus points went to the staffs as well for their promptness and friendliness.


Yakitori Lounge Hibiki

833 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06
Singapore 279887
Tel: +65 6519 6894
Daily: 5PM-11:30PM

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