Xing Fu Tang Dalgona Coffee with Brown Sugar Boba – A Blissful Cup of Sweet Milk Coffee

It has been some time since the Dalgona Coffee craze but I have decided to give Xing Fu Tang‘s Dalgona series a try recently. The Dalgona Coffee with Brown Sugar Boba $5.90 is topped with coffee-infused whipped cream that’s thick, smooth and has a slight bitterness to it. After mixing it all together, it tasted like a sweet cup of milk coffee, further enhanced by the aromatic brown sugar and chewy boba. On the whole, I found it quite delicious as there’s a good combination of sweetness and coffee bitterness coming together. Definitely worth going back for seconds.


For the health conscious, Xing Fu Tang also offer a range of healthier options which include the newly launched Strawberry Green Tea $4.50 and refreshing Damascus Rose Tea with Lemon $4.90.

Right now, there is an ongoing promotion where you can enjoy 50% off your second drink with any purchase of their drinks indicated with the Healthier Choice symbol. The promotion is valid from now till 8 November 2020.

Xing Fu Tang


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