Waa Cow Sushi Bar for torched Wagyu Beef Bowls & Salmon Poke Sets

My friend from NUS once told me that he had this really delicious beef bowl in NUS. It was pricey, he said, but he still ate it with such vigour that he ended up knowing the owner as well.

I didn’t dig further until a recent googling on recommendations for beef bowls in Raffles Place revealed Waa Cow. Heck, I never knew there’s an outlet there.

Gathering two of my colleagues, we headed down for a weekday lunch to which we were greeted with a snaking queue. Fortunately, the queue moved fast and we managed to snag some seats.


Waa Cow is famous for its signature torched wagyu beef bowl. Starting at $19.90 for the standard Wagyu Beef Bowl, the number climbed in tandem with the luxuriosity of the ingredients.

The Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Bowl $21.90 comes with a generous slather of pinkish-hued mentaiko sauce over the juicy wagyu beef, blistered and singed at the edges. Plop in a wobbly onsen egg, a teaspoon of flying fish roe, some pickles and scatters of chopped onions, the bowl is served. I would have loved the rice to be furikake-seasoned. Nonetheless, there’s the sauce that seeps in to moist it up and companion of the beef to sweeten the deal.

Foie gras lovers, this is for you – Yuzu Foie Gras Wagyu Beef Bowl $25.90 – with that creamy slab of decadence.

Non-beef eaters can opt for other bowls such as the Salmon Poke Set $26.90, Mentaiko Salmon Poke Set $17.40 and Chicken Karaage Healthy Set $14.90 too.

The portion of the star ingredient, salmon chunks, is sufficient such that no grains would be left out. Fresh and succulent, they were a delight to have. I thought it’s quite worth the price compared to other poke bowls I had that came with puny fishes.

For every order of the donburi, you can add on sides like the Hokkaido Scallops $13.80, Salmon Sashimi $4, Bijoufu Yuzu $5 and more.



Waa Cow

5 Raffles Place, #B1-63, Singapore 048618

Tel: +65 8223 0550

Website: https://www.facebook.com/waacowsg/


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