Upot at SingPost Centre – Singapore Conveyor Belt Hotpot with $0.99++ dishes

SingPost Centre is a food haven and it has been the talk of town since its recent opening.

Amidst strong competition, Upot 好客火锅 stands out for its unique hotpot experience. Diners get to choose their ingredients revolving on a conveyor belt which are kept fresh using a cold storage technology. Each diner also has his/her own mini hotpot right before him/her to cook the food.

Is it time to do away with the chit sheet order? Now that we can see the ingredients and pick them off the conveyor belt directly, it definitely speeds up things (and makes us eat more too!).

Upot 好客火锅 offers 8 types of soup base:

  • Xiaolongkan Old Hotpot $9.80
  • Thai Tom Yum Soup $7.80
  • Taiwanese Herbal Pork Rib Soup $8.80
  • Japanese Kombu & Bonito Soup $7.80
  • Tomato Soup $7.80
  • Wild Mushroom Soup $7.80

Each order of hotpot comes with a bowl of Upot Combo which consists of assorted vegetables, crabmeat and mushrooms.

We had the Xiaolongkan Old Hotpot (extra spicy) and Taiwanese Herbal Pork Rib Soup.

The hotpot was actually bigger than I expected; it could fill quite a lot of ingredients.

There were many selections on the conveyor belt ranging from sliced meats (beef, mutton, pork) to seafood (mussels, clams, prawns), fish balls, mushrooms and vegetables.

As someone with high tolerance for spiciness, the extra spicy level of the Xiaolongkan Old Hotpot was just nice to whet my appetite. Not too tongue-numbing and spicy level was alright for me. There were a lot of Sichuan Peppercorn and dried chilli added in for the broth.

Such mala hotpot can get quite oily easily. What my friends and I would usually do is to have one mala hotpot for dipping and one light-based soup for slurping. 

Ingredients tasted fresh, especially the meat. We ordered the beef, mutton and pork which came in slices. It was a hearty feast with tons of shabu-shabu meats. Meats were quite tender and for now, Upot 好客火锅 is also having a…

One for one promotion for all meats till 11st Nov 2017!


Each ingredient has its own designated colour plate with a different price tag.

Green plate : $0.99

Orange $1.99

Blue $2.99

Red $3.99


Since the meats are on the red plate, that means each plate is half the price of $3.99!

Sauces are self serviced and is charged at $2 per person.

The Lao Gan Ma Chilli in Oil with garlic and coriander is one of my favourite combination.

Instead of counting the number of plates we have eaten, the staff simply uses a device to scan the number of coloured plates. Seems like hotpot dining is getting more high tech.

Upot 好客火锅, a popular Taiwanese chain, is a promising hotpot restaurant, conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT, within the SingPost Centre. Starting from $0.99 onwards for a green plate, it is no wonder that the low price point and Singaporeans’ love for hotpot would see us going back for more. On a Friday night, the restaurant was full-house with queues snaking outside. Best to make reservation to avoid disappointment!


Upot 好客火锅

10 Eunos Road 8 Singapore Post Centre

#01-137/38, Singapore 408600


Tel: +65 6741 6666

Daily: 11am – 10PM

Website: https://www.facebook.com/upotsingapore/


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