Uni Gallery by OosterBay for seasonal Cod Milt, Uni-loaded Chirashi Don & Fresh Sashimi!

Uni Gallery by OosterBay is a uni (aka sea urchin) paradise for those who love this premium creamy delicacy. Hidden in a corner of The Plaza along Beach Road, Uni Gallery is a gem offering various types of uni dishes, whether they are in the form of sashimi, or fully fried. 

If you are a fan of sashimi as well, you would be in for a treat. In ensuring the freshness, the uni and sashimi are air-flown four times a week from Japan, alongside other uni which are imported from countries like Canada, California and Australia. Look forward to Canada’s Aka Uni, Japan’s top grade Higashizawa Shiro Uni and Australia’s Michelin-endorsed Short-Spined Uni!

Besides, Uni Gallery has also launched a series of new dishes, bound to make you salivate!

New Uni, Milt & Roe Menu

Available only for a seasonal time period, the Uni & Caviar on Tara (Cod) Shirako / Bora (Mullet) Shirako – (fish sperm sac) $40 each is not for the faint-hearted. The whole lump is encased in a thin membrane that oozes creamy filling. It’s fortunately not very fishy but you have to appreciate it to be able to swallow it.

This sinfully rich combination of Uni & Caviar on Foie Gras $38 topped with caviar is nothing short of expectation. It has all the elements that you can find in a fine-dining restaurant – quality ingredients in an exquisite presentation.

The pairing brought out the sweetness of the uni, juxtaposed against the buttery foie gras while the caviar added a little brininess to the overall taste.

Lunch Sets

If the above are too luxurious for you (but an occasional indulgence is fine!), Uni Gallery offers a list of lunch items at really reasonable pricing.

Each lunch set comprises of a main, soup, salad and rice.

The Fantasy Chirashi is at $19.00 with 30g base of Uni (with minimum of 1 sashimi add-on from more than 20 types of sashimi required to enjoy the deal, starting from just $4 for salmon sashimi) and comes with botan shrimp, swordfish, Ikura, salmon, shredded egg (kinshi tamago) and crispy dried shrimps on a bed of sushi rice.

The Unadon $14.90 is another rice bowl, featuring a huge slab of grilled roasted eel with shredded egg. The skin was a tad too thick to my liking though.

As for the Wagyu Beef Yakiniku $16.90, the beef was nicely cooked with yellow onion, shimeji mushroom and shredded carrot and finished off with a dash of sesame.

A la carte

Here just for uni? Uni Gallery serves a mean bowl of Premium Uni Chirashi (whole $59.00, half $29.50) that covers up your entire bowl.

Comes highly reommended is the Uni Oyster Shot $24 where you are supposed to down it all in one slurp! The Canadian oyster I had was fresh and plump, and together with the bafun uni and ikura in my mouth, it was pure estascy.

if you can’t decide what sashimi to get, try the Uni Tokusen Sashimi $142.00 (with chef’s choice of 7 types sashimi including one Uni sashimi) that can feed up to four pax.

Last but not least, don’t forget the cooked dishes on the menu too! I love the Hamachi Kama only at $15 for its generous portion and bouncy yet firm texture.

Uni Menu

Uni details


Uni Gallery by Oosterbay

7500A Beach Rd, Singapore 199591

Tel: +65 9838 8209


Daily: 11:30AM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 10PM

Website: https://www.oosterbay.com/


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