Typhoon Cafe Singapore – Taiwanese Instagram-worthy Desserts

A typhoon has landed in Singapore, sweeping us into these photogenic larger-than-life desserts.

Opened on 13th December, Typhoon Cafe is situated at level 4 of Plaza Singapura serving a range of Taiwanese dishes, desserts and artisanal teas. It is the newest concept under the Creative Eateries group.

The desserts were what drew us in, featuring unique creations not often seen locally. On the menu are the Cereal Coffin Toast $14.90, Typhoon Pavlova $13.90 and Hell Valley Volcano $14.90, to name a few.

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The Hell Valley Volcano $14.90 is a miniature version of a volcano. Sprouting raspberry ‘lava’, the little dry magic mimics volcanic fumes! Break the chocolate shell to reveal a scoop of vanilla ice cream perched on a lemon cake.

While this looked really interesting, taste-wise, it was lacking as compared to its counterparts. The Vanilla Sponge cake was really tough and the chocolate shell felt one dimensional.

The fruits on the other hand, were generous and fresh, and the oreo crumble within was surprisingly tasty bitter-ish bits that went well with the ice cream and fruits.

The Typhoon Pavlova $13.90 was a beautiful avalanche made of meringue. The sweetness was well-balanced with the drizzle of passion fruit curd and assorted berries. For those with a sweet tooth, you might actually enjoy the meringue.

One of our favourite was the Cloud Nine $14.90. The Miso Souffle was super fuwa fuwa aka fluffy that it jiggled when shook. The texture was soft and on the eggy side. The accompanying yuzu ice cream was refreshing and we could taste the yuzu pulp. Recommended.

Typhoon Cafe also sells a variety of dessert-in-a-jar. The Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake $8.90 had layers of mascarpone cream and berry in the jar, with a side of tuile topped with remnants of the strawberry shortcake. It was smooth, luscious and creamy – more like a mousse than cake.

Typhoon Cafe may has its hits and misses but we all found something we loved in the desserts we had. Perhaps they need a little more time to tweak around since its only one week into operations.

Anyway, their savouries look appetising and we wouldn’t mind going back to try those too!


Updated (as of 6th Jan 2018): Review on savouries can be found here!


Typhoon Cafe

68 Orchard Rd, #04-67 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6884 5423

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TyphoonCafe/



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