Tsuta Instant Ramen – Michelin-starred Shoyu Ramen easily prepared under 3 minutes

Fans of Tsuta can now enjoy the brand’s instant noodles, available for pre-order on https://upshop.me/ and https://order.tsuta.com/#/.

Each box $21.90 comes with three packets of noodles and Shoyu soup packs.

Made with premium ingredients with no MSG added, the instant ramen is manufactured and shipped from Japan. 

The Michelin-starred ramen can be easily prepared under three minutes at home. It takes about one to two minutes to cook depending on how al dente you want the noodles to be. After which, simply customise with your desired garnishing and ingredients such as ham slices, soft boiled egg, seaweed, onions and more.


Website: https://tsuta.com

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