Tsujirihei-Honten Uji Matcha Soft Serve – Japan Fair at Takashimaya, Singapore

The popular Japan fair is back at the food hall, basement two of Takashimaya Department Store in Singapore. This season, the famous Tsujirihei-Honten makes a return again to the delight of all matcha lovers!

One of the signatures is the Nama Soft Serve $7 which comes in two flavours: Uji Matcha and Uji Hojicha. You can also opt to have a mix of both flavours in a cone too. 

The Uji Matcha Nama Soft Serve is my favourite. It is significantly stronger in flavour and slightly more bitter, different from the mainstream matcha ice cream I have in Singapore which usually tends to be sweeter and milkier.

Besides soft serve, Tsujirihei-Honten also sells a range of desserts such as the Glossy Matcha Pudding $25, Double Fromage $26, Uji Organic Green Powdered Tea with Daifuku, Uji Matcha Mont Blanc $7, Yamari Jelly $7, Limited Truffle ($45 for 6 pieces) and Matcha Ototo (6 pieces for $56).

Drinks include the Ototo Nama Soft Green Tea $20, Uji Matcha $7 and Uji Green Tea $4.80.

Available for a limited time only from Mon, 29th Jan 2018 to Tue, 13th Feb 2018. 

Menu as follows:



Takashimaya Department Store, Food Hall B2

391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873

Website: https://www.takashimaya.com.sg/post_events/japan-fair-in-cny/

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