Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Singapore – Hokkaido Harvests Buffet Promo with Sea Urchin, King Crab, Chirashi Don & more!

Triple Three restaurant from Mandarin Orchard Singapore is back with the much-anticipated Hokkaido Harvests buffet promotion for a ten-day period from 11 to 21 October 2018.

Featuring the finest and freshest seafood delicacies from Japan’s northernmost prefecture, the Hokkaido Harvests is bound to be a gastronomic experience for diners. The myriad of premium selections ranging from Sea Urchin, King Crab’s legs and Bluefin Tuna to Mini Chirashi Don, Sweet Shrimp and Scallop Sashimi are some of the noteworthy finds at the buffet line.

Complete your meal with a bottle of Hokkaido Sake at an additional $20 or their house red and white wines.

Prices as followed:

Adult: $138++  |  $158++ (includes one bottle of Hokkaido sake)
Child: $48++ (6 to 12 years old)

DBS/POSB/UOB/Mediya cardholders enjoy 50% off every second diner!

My top-most favourite and recommended dish was the Sea Urchin with Sweet Shrimp and Capellini doused in truffle and swirled into the sea urchin shell. It was a cooling, creamy sweet and aromatic affair that no one would fault you going back for seconds and thirds.

The Seafood on Ice included the King Crab’s leg, Snow Crab, White Top Shell, Mussels and Scallops.

Oysters were freshly shucked, succulent and best with a squeeze of a lemon wedge.

The Sashimi counter was no less interesting, offering besides the usual fare, but also the rarity of the Sweet Shrimps (Amaebi), Arctic Surf Clams and Scallops; all worth a space in my stomach.

At the same spot, diners could even ask for a portion of the Chirashi Don served in a mini sake holder while topped with shredded crab meats, sweet Japanese omelette and salmon roes.

The highlight of the buffet (which used to get me excited on a Friday night) was the oven-baked Mentaiko Lobsters drenched in thick creamy mentaiko sauce, grilled and torched further to give it a charred smokey surface.

Besides the Hokkaido Harvest, these Mentaiko Lobsters are also available during Triple Three’s Daily Dinner Delights on every Friday and Saturday!

Bringing it a notch higher is the special introduction of the Lobster Uniyaki by Executive Sous Chef Sam Chin. The sauce was made from a combination of uni paste, shio, and mayonnaise, contributing to the slightly yellowish hue coating the meaty lobsters.

The other popular station was probably the Robatayaki where the chefs were tirelessly grilling Scallops, Pacific Saury (Salted Sanma), Mid-Wings, Corn, Daikon and more.

The grilled scallops especially, were huge and juicy.

The Chawanmushi had an elevated identity with added Sea Urchin and Salmon Roes. Spooned through the silky smooth egg custard and you would find chunky bits of ingredients within.

Buta Don with Onsen Egg was a godsend. The slices reminded me of waxed pork, a tad too sweet for my preference. Nonetheless, if you were thinking of skipping carbohydrates in a buffet, give this bowl an exception.

The bed of Japanese rice grains underneath were beady, moist and fluffy, soaking up the sauce from the meats well enough to leave it with a sweet smooch.

To feed the carnivorous monster in you, head over for the glazed Gammon Ham and Beef on carving board.

Desserts at Triple Three sprawled one quarter of the entire buffet area with a Melon soft serve dispenser, a range of milky Hokkaido Ice Cream from the cold case and a myriad of palm-sized Tartlets, Financiers, Layered Cakes, and the visually-appealing Black Sesame Swan, Rose Tart and Strawberry Mousse.

The Taiyaki made an appearance with its moist chocolate fillings. Other Japanese desserts to be made available on rotational basis included the Hokkaido Baked Cheese Cake, Dorayaki and Hokkaido Red Bean Soup with Mochi too!


Triple Three 

333 Orchard Road, Mandarin Orchard, Singapore 238867

Tel: +65 6831 6288





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