The Whale Tea (China Square Central) – Wuliangye Ice Cream & Blue Crystal Bubble Tea

Popular China brand, The Whale Tea 琉璃鲸, has landed on our shores back in October. Following the opening of two outlets at Lot One and City Square Mall, the third has just snugged itself at level one of the newly revamped China Square Central.

Ever since The Whale Tea’s debut in China on 28 June 2018, 500 or more outlets have sprung up across mainland.

What marks The Whale Tea different from other bubble tea stores is the addition of unique ingredients into the drinks.

Uncommonly seen ingredients include the Peach Gum (a natural resin from wild Chinese peach trees, known to be rich in amino acids and collagen), Spirulina, (a seaweed-based superfood) and Wuliangye 五粮液 (a Chinese baijiu made with a variety of grains).

The Whale Tea Menu

Discover the taste of peach gum from the drinks listed under the Volcanic Collagen Series. These jelly-like chewy bits can be found in the photogenic three-layer Sapphire Whale $4.50, made from spirulina, white coconut milk and amber peach gum at the base. For something refreshing, the Passionfruit Lava $5.30 comes mixed with various fruits and peach gum too.

The signature Whale Crystal Series, on the other hand, comprises of beverages with Blue Crystal and Black Crystal (made from aiyu jelly and caramel). There’s the strikingly blueish Blue Whale Milk Tea $3.80 and Orca Milk $4.5 (with Black Crystal) worth trying.

Besides the interesting beverages, The Whale Tea also serves innovative ice cream – Wuliangye Ice Cream 五粮液金巧冰淇淋 $4.80 and Electric Sea Salt Ice Cream 闪电海盐冰淇淋 $4.50.

The former features a decadent ice cream swirl made from a blend of cocoa activated charcoal and Wuliangye, finished with a touch of gold powder. The flavours are rich and intensely chocolatey with hints of alcohol. I would go back for seconds.

Only available at the City Square outlet, The Whale Tea offers two additional desserts (inspired from their drinks series) – Whale Island Soufflé 鲸岛 $7.80 and Cocoa Island Soufflé 可可海岛 $7.80.

The Whale Tea

18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #01-118 Singapore 048423

Weekday: 10:30AM – 8:30PM

Weekend: 10:30AM – 6:30PM

Closed on Sun


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