The Ramen House – Midnight Supper for Ramen, Kushiyaki & Sushi Rolls (opens till 3am)

Opened from 11AM till 3AM, The Ramen House (sister restaurant to halal-certified The Ramen Stall) is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that offers an unusual (or heartier) supper choice besides the classic bean curd and roti prata. Whether it is kushiyaki for a late night supper or a piping hot bowl of ramen for a meal, The Ramen House offers a wide variety of Japanese food to satisfy your cravings during any time of the day.

The menu selection range from light bites, sashimi and sushi rolls to kushiyaki, BBQ/fried seafood and meats, signature ramen (soup and dry) and donburi.

The must-try Volcano Ramen ($11.90 with Chicken; $12.90 with Pork) allows you to choose from spicy level one to three. We tried level two and was pleasantly surprised at the sharp spicy kick it had. The rich silky broth, paired with the springy noodles, was equally delicious. A rather decent bowl of ramen for the price.

Another worthy contender is the Torched Beef Sushi $10.90 lavished with flavoursome, melt-in-the-mouth beef slices. Meanwhile, the Unagi Maki $18.90 and Mixed Seafood Truffle Maki $13.90 look appetising too.

The highly recommended Prawn with Roe and Mayonnaise ($8.90 for 85g; $4.90 for 50g) features giant sized prawns slathered in generous amount of roe-infused mayonnaise. I thought that the meat could be more juicy and tender but if the combination of prawn with mayo is right up your alley, this might be for you.

The Teppanyaki Giant Hokkaido Scallop $16.90 was ok but could be more succulent.

Another favourite of ours is the Gyu Don $12.90 which really can’t go wrong with the sweet curly beef strips atop a bed of rice blessed by the delicious beef gravy.

The Ramen Place offers traditional Japanese grills and sides which are great with sake and beer as you chill in the night. There are also some exciting creations such as the Beef Ramen $13.90, Chicken Floss Pork Cutlet Roll $10.90 and Chilli/Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab $18.90 with a local flavour in them.

The Ramen House

6 Short Street, Singapore 188213

Tel: +65 6734 9294


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