Mad for Wagyu Beef Buffet – Carnivorous night at The Line, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

How does free-flow wagyu beef sounds like to you?

The Line at Shangri-La Hotel has recently launched a Mad for Wagyu themed night buffet on every Wednesday! Treat yourself to an extensive selection of wagyu dishes from a diversified range of cuisine such as Japanese, Indian and Mediterranean. Highlights include the must-try Wagyu Aburi, Wagyu Trotter Terrine, Wagyu Beef Satay, Wagyu Sukiyaki and Wagyu Hammous Bil Laham (hummus with spiced wagyu meats).


While The Line is popular for their huge international buffet spread, just devouring plateful of meats are enough to keep you full and satisfied.

My top favourite was the Wagyu Aburi. Slices of decadent wagyu beef torched to a glowing incarnadine and drawn across with a squeeze of mayonnaise. Sushi rice was vinegared and sticky with hints of sweetness and scattered blackened edges that failed to escape the gallows of the torch.

Pop the whole piece into my mouth and it was instant gratification. Two was not enough.

Wagyu Tartare, Wagyu Carpaccio, Wagyu Trotter Terrine, Wagyu Thai Beef Salad and Wagyu Tonnato were some of the wagyu appetisers I discovered at the cold station, each one respectively topped with a cornucopia of vegetables, cheese shavings and fruits.

Have a taste of Asian flavours with the Chinese-styled Braised Wagyu Short Ribs and Braised Brisket. While the former tasted sweeter and had a good mix of fats and meats, the later was meatier and and thick in gravy.

Fan of nabe would fancy this Wagyu Sukiyaki featuring a huge pot of wagyu beef, mushrooms, tofu, carrots and thin udon.

The presence of Arabian food is a rarity in buffet and The Line’s Wagyu Hammous Bil Laham delivered a whack of spices and saltish pleasures from their meat chunks, submerged in a pool of creamy hummus.

Do look out for the Wagyu Kubiddeh and Wagyu Shawarma Roll too which I supposed would be another milestone accomplished.

Not to mention, local comfort food getting a facelift and presented themselves as Wagyu Beef Satay, Wagyu Beef Cheek with Red Wine Sauce and Wagyu Feet Soup Chawanmushi.

Save some stomach space for the Wagyu Prime Ribs with Yorkshire Pudding and Wagyu Leg with Baked Potato. These huge-ass beef were sliced and served before us, medium-rare to the bones if you love it that way. If not, kindly ask for the slice to be cooked longer.


Other delectable non-beef dishes comprised of the Seafood on Ice, Salmon Aburi, Sushi Rolls, Dim Sum, Lobster Laksa, Prawn Mee, Indian Curries and more!

One could easily eat an entire’s month supply of desserts at The Line.

On the shelves were rows upon rows of sliced cakes, mousses in cups, eclairs, local kueh and puddings. While the opposite side boasted an entire ice cream kiosk with all sorts of flavours, a yogurt dispenser sat beside it, allowing you full reign of the amount you wish to pull out. Toppings laid the side table tempting me with colourful sprinkles, cheery bubble gum candies and fluffy marshmallows.

Tea and Coffee are unlimited during the buffet.


Mad for Wagyu Pricing:

Timing: Every Wednesday, 6-10PM

Adult: $80++

Child (6 to 11 years old): $40++


The Line at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

Tel: +65 6213 4275



Past themed night:

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