The Laughing Cow Cheese Promotion & Bento Recipes with tasty Belcubes and Cheese Spreads

A beloved ingredient in lunchboxes and snack recipes, The Laughing Cow’s cheeses bring great taste and dairy goodness in your meals. Take this opportunity to spice things up with a little more fun. Create nutritious and wholesome dishes with The Laughing Cow’s tasty bite-sized Belcubes and triangular cheeses which come in various flavours.

Besides enjoying the cheeses on their own, get creative and pair them with crackers, fruits and cold cuts. Not sure where to start? Try following these simple recipes to make delicious treats such as the Tomato Cups with Belcubes (with Corn and Bacon Stuffing), Sushi Rolls with Belcubes and Triangular Mouse on Salad Green.


The Laughing Cow 8 Portions Assorted (Original, Light, Ham & Selection): $3.65

The Laughing Cow 16 Portions Original: $6.95

Belcubes 15 cubes (July Promotion: 2 for $7.05 (U.P. $4.20))

Belcubes for 24 cubes (July Promotion: 1 for $5.25 (U.P. $5.80))

Promotions are available at Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC, Sheng Siong, Isetan, Mediya & Redmart. 

The Laughing Cow


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