The Hungry Caveman – Hands-free BBQ Skewer Restaurant in Orchard Central

Located in a corner of Orchard Central, The Hungry Caveman would take a huntsmen to locate the entrance.

The Hungry Caveman may sound like a primitive dining within the walls of a cave. If you are expecting mini campfire pits or charcoal-run stoves, you will be in for a surprise. This place is given a new lease of life with modernised automated barbecue skewers machine fitted to every table. The machine allows your skewers to be spun hands-free over an electric stove and once cooked, they can be hung above the stove to cool off.

The Hungry Caveman may be the first outlet in Singapore but it is one of China’s biggest BBQ chain titled ‘某个时间全自动烧烤店‘, with a staggering 138 outlets across China. Serving a range of skewers from seafood, meats and vegetables alongside several Ala Carte dishes, the food was flavourfully seasoned with spices to keep them as authentic as how the natives eat them. 

Choices are aplenty! Tuck into the flavoursome Signature Lamb ($2.20+/skewer) with hints of sweetness or indulge in something a little more premium like the AUS Grain Fed Beef ($2.60+/skewer) that sits with a good ratio of fats to meats.

For those who love spiciness, challenge yourself to the marinated Chicken Mid-joint Wings ($2.80+/skewer) that comes in a tongue-numbing Extreme Spicy. If not, flavours like the Xiang La, Spicy Cajun and Honey Glazed caters to the other tastebuds too.

One of my top favourites is the Spear-The-Salmon Skewers ($3.80++ /skewer). Cooked till a 80 percent well-done, the salmon was surprisingly supernaturally tender yet meaty and juicy.

Savour other meaty delicacies such as the Cheese Sausage ($2.40/skewer),  Grilled Luncheon Meat ($1.40/skewer), Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushroom Skewer (2.80/skewer), Chicken Gizzard ($1.60/skewer) and more.

Not forgetting to include vegetables into your diet too.

Cooked dishes comprises of the popular Premium Scallop with Garlic Vermicelli ($4.80+/pc), Century Egg with Marinated Ginger ($5.95+/dish), Cold Dish Jellyfish ($5.95/dish) and Special Fried Noodles ($8.80/dish).


The Hungry Caveman offers a one-of-a-kind dining concept in Singapore. Surely, you will leave with your bellies full and satisfied after this.


The Hungry Caveman

181 Orchard Road #06-25, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Tel: +65 6634 8871


Daily: 11am – 10pm


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