TCC celebrates Christmas with cheesy Turkey Cordon Bleu, Hojicha Frappe & 10% off Log Cakes

From now till 3 January 2021, indulge in The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) Christmas wonderland menu which features two Turkey-based main courses, three decadent log cakes and two festive beverages.


Dig into the lovely Turkey Cordon Bleu $25, presented with two halves of a panko-crusted ham-wrapped turkey breast sliced apart to reveal a mouth-watering cheesy French chestnut soubise core. Served with truffle mash and tangy pomegranate spinach salad, this dish is a feast to the eyes and stomach.

Those who love pasta can savour the Angel Hair with Prawn & Turkey Paupiettes $25 topped with an umami combination of tobiko, ikura and bonito flakes.

Another highlight is the Purple Sweet Potato & Leek Soup $11. The striking purple comes from use of purple sweet potatoes, leeks and braised Japanese long onion to make the broth; this nourishing soup is both comforting and delicious with the scallion-butter toast too.

Furthermore, enjoy an early bird special discount at 10% off all log cakes from now till 11 December 2020.

The Connoisseur Concerto 


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