Texas Chicken CNY Crispy Mala Fried Chicken with Curly Fries

This Chinese New Year, Texas Chicken joins in the auspicious red with the HongPow Ma ‘Luck’ Chicken. The 2-piece combo comes with two fried chicken parts drenched in a fiery red sauce, a packet of curly fries, one honey butter biscuit and one regular lychee sparkle drink.

The crispy skin of the Mala chicken was surprisingly not as electrifying numbing or spicy, but leaning towards the sweeter side. The meat was moist and tender. While there wasn’t much of the mala kick, the chicken was still tasty and fit for all ages.

I love forward to the curly fries every Chinese New Year!


Currently, delivery from Texas Chicken is free on Foodpanda and Grabfood (when you key in promo code ‘OINK’).


Texas Chicken

Website: http://www.texaschicken.com.sg/


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