Superior’s Bird’s Nest and Chia Seeds For A Healthier Self

Founded in 2012, local brand Superior prides itself in supplying your health with the finest product possible. Bearing the staunch belief that your health is the greatest wealth, expect to find premium and natural food such as bird’s nest and chia seeds offered by Superior.

An invitation was extended to me to attend Superior’s tasting session of premium bird’s nest and chia seeds at Yan Restaurant. Yan restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant located at the National Gallery. The air of classiness in the ambience speaks volume for the following products that we will be tasting later.

Menu flow:

1. Chia Seeds Tasting

2. Superior’s Four-course Set with Bird’s Nest

Chia Seeds

One of those superfood packed full of nutrients. While they may look small and unassuming, they are extremely beneficial for health. Some things to know about chia seeds:

  • Contain Omega-3 fatty acids (for better brain development)
  • Antioxidants (to maintain heart health) and
  • Proteins (for stronger bones and teeth)
  • Gluten-free
  • Transfat free
  • High in fibre (allows you to feel fuller for longer time periods and also to aid in bowel movement)
  • Great for detoxification (roughly three to four days for colon to be cleansed)
  • Micro sliced to facilitate absorption into the body
  • Good for breastfeeding mothers and vegetarians

It is really easy to incorporate chia seeds into your daily food and beverage consumption too.

Simply add a teaspoon into your tea, drinking water, sprinkle some onto your meals such as vegetables and fishes or savour it directly. How very convenient!

Below are some ways of having chia seeds added into our drinks and food. As chia seeds do not have a very distinctive taste of their own, the flavours of the food will remain largely the same.

A teaspoon of chia seeds for our tea.


Charcoal Roasted BBQ Spare Rib & Jellyfish Head


Fragrant Rice Soup with Chia Seeds & Crab Meat


Sauteed Grouper Fillet with Black Garlic and Asparagus

Bird’s Nest

These bird’s nests are carefully sourced in Malaysia by Superior which then undergo a stringent cleaning process before they can be sold in the market. Each bird nest is manually cleaned by hand with distilled water before they are being shaped and treated with UV light for another round of sterilisation. Free from any additives, chemicals and cleaning agents, consumers can be assured of the quality of the bird’s nests received. Furthermore, Superior is HACCP certified as well.

Some benefits of consuming bird’s nest is that it enhances complexion and improve the immune system. It can be a good supplement especially for elderly and children, aiding in overall health.

  1. With that in mind, you can actually order online Superior’s Double Boiled Bird’s Nest (2 bowls for $158) and choose your preference for sweetness. It will then be delivered straight to your doorstep in a porcelain vacuum flask, airtight to maintain its warmness and freshness. That’s a plus point for those who don’t have time to cook at home!
  2. Purchase of Superior’s Dried Bird’s Nests ($960 for 200g) is also available. It is suggested as pairing with nourishing soup, porridge and boiled desserts. Of course, it’s really up to you how you want to savour it.


Double-boiled Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar

To purchase the chia seeds and bird’s nests, you may login and place your orders online at Good thing is the delivery will be completed within 48 hours and is free for orders above $75. For more details, you may visit Superior’s website

Yan Restaurant

National Gallery, 1 St. Andrew Road, #05-02, Singapore 178957

Tel: +65 6384 5585

Daily 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6PM-10:30PM

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