Sudio Niva Wireless Earphones with Portable Charger makes listening to music hassle-free

Sudio Sweden frees up the wireless regime with its mini NIVÅ earphones $169. Besides it compact shape, the earphones deliver a delicate sound with low bass. The addition of an external noise repeller maximises the privacy in our music world.

Being wireless, the earphones remove the frustrating tangles of the wires, making it more convenient for us to move our bodies without interference. Whether in moving vehicles or shopping, we can easily play/pause playlists and switch between phone calls and songs with the touch of a button on the earphones.

Sudio’s NIVÅ also comes with a portable charger that allows charging up to four times. With playback time at 3.5 hours per charge, they are great travel tools, lightweight and will guaranteed you several hours of music during long travelling journey.

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Available colours are Black, White, Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue.

Current promotion includes a Sudio 4-piece coaster set, included for free with every purchase until 30 September 2018.


Sudio Sweden



Find out more about the Sudio Sweden’s Vasa BLÅ here:


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