Sticky Wings – You get to Vote for the Upcoming Best Flavour on the Menu!

To celebrate their first anniversary, Sticky Wings has introduced irresistible local-inspired flavours into their wings! These flavours will only be available from 1st to 5th October 2018 where you can choose the flavour you would prefer to stay on the menu! The wings with the winning flavour would then be made available from 12th October 2018 onwards!

The three new flavours are Tom Yum, Nonya Assam and Honey Garlic.

Personally, it was a tough fight among these flavours because they were all delicious!

Honey Garlic: These came with strong garlicky taste and bits of fried garlic coating the chicken! The honey taste complemented the garlic, and the honey glazed on the chicken surprisingly reminded me of honey-stars! We enjoyed this one a lot.

Tom Yum: While the coating of the chicken tasted like a cross between cereal flakes and sugar cereal, flavour-wise, the chicken itself had a nice, sour tang that tom yum fans would love. It would be better if the tom yum taste was stronger though.

Nonya Assam: First bite in and we were hooked by the mildly spicy glazed wing combined with a miso saltiness. This was quickly a winner amongst us.

Our taste test to select our winner wing? Honey Garlic was awesome, but one and half wings later, the sauce got overwhelming. Tom Yum didn’t give us enough kick to continue our love for it – we needed the addictive, strong flavour of tom yum, and it wasn’t quite all there. So, that left us with Nonya Assam and our votes went to this!


These wings are currently available ala carte at Sticky Wings, the Westgate outlet!


Make it a meal!

Let’s go all chicken!

Black Belt ($8.20) – 1 drumstick + 3 two-joint wings

Knockout ($8.50) – 6 two-joint wings

Drumchucks ($9.00) – 3 drumsticks

Level Up ($28.00) – 4 drumsticks + 8 two-joint wings


The sets currently available are the Spicy Lemak Set and Drumstick Lemak Set ($7.90 each).

Imagine a bed of fluffy nasi lemak rice to go with your drumsticks and wings? We tried this during a media launch and were swept by the basmati rice being really fluffy! Pairing this with a drumstick (or three wings) made the rice even more aromatic when eaten together! There were also achar (pickled vegetables), peanuts, anchovies and a hard boiled egg coated in the Spicy Flamin’ sauce.

Don’t miss the Asian-inspired sides like the We Meat Again ($6.50), which was fries with minced beef rendang that came with a very well-balanced spice taste that was not dry or too watery – and it went excellently with the chunky fries!

Tat’s Egg-citing ($5.90) was a dish of showy salted egg yolk sauce, nacho cheese, and tomato salsa over french fries! The salted egg yolk sauce could have been stronger, but for $5.90, we definitely felt that the overall portion was very value-for-money and generous. Also, who knew nacho cheese and salted egg yolk sauce could go well together!

Welcoming the newest side dish to the Sides Family is the Curry Mashed Potatoes at $1 with any main order ordered.

Sticky Wings is obviously more than just wings! And what are you waiting for? Vote between 1st to 5th October 2018 for the best wing to stay at Sticky Wings too!


Sticky Wings

#02-05 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Tel: +65 6266 8455


Daily: 10AM – 10PM



Images and write up by @chowbaccas

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