Seoul Yummy’s Chicken Stew Challenge: More Discounts for Higher Spicy Levels!

For all you spicy-seekers, this dish is the one to beat!

Seoul Yummy has launched their brand new Level 5 Dak Bokkeum Tang (Spicy Braised Chicken Stew) to challenge spicy-lovers everywhere for one day only, on the 30th of June 2018! This Level 5 Dak Bokkeum Tang comes in a set ($49.80++) that includes a free appetizer (Kimchi Pancake) and a free dessert (Patbingsoo).

Wait, but what about the other levels? Before there was a level 5, there were levels 1, 2, and 3. Some of our friends had felt that level 3 was meh, which was exactly why they needed to try this and see if it doesn’t leave them panting and slurping away from glass(es) of juice!

The Level 5 challenge was available for one day only, but it definitely was an exercise to humble us Level 3 “boasters”!

At first sight, it doesn’t look that spicy!

But we definitely underestimated this dish as we confidently took a small bowl’s worth of noodles and slurped it up.

I barely ate the noodles and was already clamouring for the Korean Iced Yuzu Tea ($3.90)! This tongue-killing dish gets down to business fast! The stew contained ingredients like carrots, chunks of onions, chicken pieces, leeks, and potatoes. Even though the highlight was the chicken pieces, we felt that the ingredients could have a little more variety!

The spicier the level, the bigger the discounts!

Guess what? There’s always perks to being someone who can hold up your spicy-tolerance levels! Seoul Yummy rewards you for your gungho-ness:

Level 1 – 10% off this dish set

Level 2 – 20% off

Level 3 – 30% off

Level 5 – 50% off! – this challenge was available on 30th June 2018 only!

Our table took a really long 10 minute break afterwards… as we were cooling down, we turned our attention to the next dish!


This is the Korean Kimchi Pancake (worth $7.90++ and comes with the Dak Bokkeum set) which was really delicious – a relief from the mad-hot stew. 

The cold CNGREEN Patbingsoo was the perfect end to the spicy chicken stew! It has a green tea ice cream nesting on top of Korean red bean and fluffy ice shavings, surrounded by a moat of cornflakes! We really welcomed this dish, having finished the chicken stew (thank God for spicy-eating gods at our table).

What about you? Are you up to the challenge for levels 1 to 3?

Date and Time: 11 June – 11 July 2018 (Level 5 challenge only available 30th June 2018. You can still try the levels 1 – 3!)

Price: $49.80++ per stew (includes appetizer, one patbingsoo of your choice)


Seoul Yummy

Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #03-68 Singapore 307506

Daily: 11:30AM – 10PM



Words and images by @curiousbookreviewer

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