Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs & Rainbow Makkoli at Plaza Singapura

The crowd at Seorae unites for a single purpose: Every table is seen with at least one or two plates of incarnadine meats waiting to be plunged onto the hot wire mesh.

Seorae’s speciality lies in BBQ, where charcoal stove is used for grilling besides the usual gas stove. There are many choices starting with the pork that come in various body parts and marination such as the Spicy Galmaegisal (skirt meat), Yangnyeom Mokksal (pork collar) and Hangari Samgyeobsal (pork belly).

If you are a beef lover, don’t miss out on the La Galbi (short ribs), Woosamgyeob (short plate) and Kkotdeungsim (ribeye). Even better, go for the luxurious Jinkkotsal (wagyu beef boneless short ribs), beautifully marbled for that ultimate taste after grilling.

The beef short ribs is my must-order whenever I am in a Korean BBQ restaurant. I have had my fair share of chewy meats threatening to break my teeth that I simply went straight for the premium beef short ribs on the menu.

Slapped onto the hot griddle, the meats puckered and hissed from a bright red to tan brown. Grilled a little longer and the surface would start to speckle in char with criss-cross marks.

It took some skills to not overcook the meats. Holding back on any seasoning, I sent a piece into my mouth straight. The heat kissed my tongue while texture-wise, the short ribs was tender and juicy. A worthy order.

At the side of the stove, you could steam eggs too.

The banchan consisted of kimchi (not bad with spicy kick), potato, soybean sprouts and picked greens.

Those who know me well would be aware that my love for Korean stew runs deep. The Sundubu Jjigae at Seorae came in a generous portion stuffed with kimchi, mushroom, tofu and chopped onions. Soup wasn’t very spicy and one could really get full just from drinking this.

The 8 Colour Makkoli Mix is a splendid cocktail set great for sharing. Uniquely flavoured, some were classic pairings while some made a unique experience in terms of flavour.


Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ

Plaza Singapura 

68 Orchard Road, #02-01, Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 9181 2709​



50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-10, Singapore 608549

Tel: +65 9199 8729​


Sun to Thu:  11.30am – 10pm

Fri and Sat:   11.30am – 11pm



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