Rise & Rice – Good & Affordable Western Food & Donburi at Woodlands Coffee Shop

Opened in July this year, Rise & Rice is a western stall in Woodlands that offers many options, from pasta, baked rice and meats to burgers, sides and Japanese donburi.

Reachable via one bus stop from Causeway Point, Rise & Rice shines a new light on western food among heartlanders through quality taste and affordable prices.


For sides, the Spicy Chicken Midwings and Drumlets $6.50 and Mussels $7 are marked as chef recommendation and they do not disappoint. The wings are crunchy and meaty with a tolerable spiciness. As for the mussels, they are plump and juicy, and really tasty in the thick and flavoursome garlic cream sauce.

The heartier dishes comprise of the Seafood Marinara $6.50 (a generous portion of spaghetti topped with mussels, dory fish and prawns); Sesame Crusted Atlantic Salmon Fillet $10.50 (featuring a unique twist to the salmon skin, well-coated in sesame and doused in honey mustard sauce, while including a side of delectable Aglio e olio and crinkle fries); and Ebi Katsu Curry Don $8 (presented with four shrimp tempura in a delicious curry gravy over a bed of rice).

What’s remarkable is the Aglio e olio. As a given side in the main course (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish), it was tasty on its own; done al dente, slightly garlicky, and filled with olive oil fragrant while delivering a spicy punch.

Overall, the food at Rise & Rice are amazing. Western food are usually not my go-to choice in a coffee shop/hawker because they often lack the appeal in quality and taste. Having said that, Rise & Rice has raised the bar for western food in a coffee shop and is definitely a gem for Woodlanders.

Rise & Rice

892C Woodlands drive 50, Singapore 732892

Tel: +65 8515 7150

Daily: 11AM – 8:30PM

Website: https://www.facebook.com/risenrice/

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