RedRing Treasures: Singapore’s First Cutlet Noodles Made Its Way To Town

It must be fated that I am back to RedRing Treasures again to savour their cutlets. A month ago, I spotted RedRing Treasures at Wisma Atria’s Food Republic, and was drawn by their red logo and various food posters showcasing dishes that are a rare occurrence in a food court. Passed a quick browse of their menu and realised how affordably priced their food are. And so luckily, one month later, I had a chance to return again to have a taste of this new found gem.

Started off as a son’s dream for his parents to open a stall, the family had their first RedRing Wanton Mee stall at Holland Drive four years ago. Later then did they shift to Wisma Atria, and now have another outlet at Gourmet paradise in Toa Payoh. Plans are also ongoing to open other stalls at Takashimaya basement and City Square Mall in the coming February and March.

There were currently 17 items on their menu ranging from noodles, hor fun and rice-based cutlets to sides such as the Onion Blossom $7.50 (small), $8.90 (medium) and $10.50 (large), and Assorted Mushroom Fritters ($8.50). 

The Onion Blossom was deep fried and fanned out like a beautiful flower. It was lightly coated in a thin crispy skin while the onions within remained moist and crunchy. Paired with the sweet onion aioli, it is a must-try when you are here.

Specialising in Double! Cutlets, cutlets available include the squid, pork, fish and chicken. Following their secret recipe closely, the meats are marinated in their secret sauce for 24 hours to allow better absorption of the flavours. For each customer order, the meats are fried on the spot to ensure the crispiness and freshness.

So why is it called Double! Cutlets? The mystery was solved when I was told that for each cutlet dish ordered, I could top up for another cutlet at $1. Isn’t that a great deal! So each person can get to enjoy two cutlets at just an extra $1.

If you would like to try the best of everything, get the Cutlet Platter $13 for 2 pax and $21 for 4 pax. We had the large platter consisting of Squid, Pork and Chicken cutlets, Fried Fupi Dumpling, Mushroom Fritters, some vegetables and three kinds of sauces (Salted Egg Yolk, Sweet Thai Chili and Homemade Mayonnaise).

The squid cutlet was very enjoyable with succulent meat, not overly chewy nor tough. My favourite was the chicken cutlet fried with a thicker batter while retaining the moisture within. On a side note, the mushroom fritters was a tad oily, which otherwise could be very addictive.

For those who needed some carbs to go along, you can also add on for noodles $1.50 and rice with curry $2. Very affordably priced there.

RedRing’s whole egg noodles is made using high protein flour and whole chicken eggs. Without going through traditional alkaline water as with most noodles, RedRing’s noodles are still able to remain QQ. Indeed, the noodles cooked were firm and springy, mixed in with their homemade sauces that coated each strand perfectly.

Fried Fupi Dumpling $5.90

For the price and quality RedRing is serving, it is rather acceptable. Most food in a food court in shopping centre would go $5, 6, 7 onwards. But RedRing manages to keep their pricing at the minimal for the kind of food they are serving. Instead of paying $30 plus for a piece of Tonkatsu at a restaurant or $5 for a Wanton Noodle, you can get a pocket-friendly cutlet noodle, or Double! Cutlet at an extra dollar only!

RedRing Treasures

Wisma Atria Food Republic Stall 6, 432 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877


480 Toa Payoh Hub, Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Gormet paradise Food Court B1-01, Singapore 310480

Tel: +65 9680 3201 (Esther),  +65 9675 1208 (David)

Daily: 10AM-10PM

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