Recipes – Homemade Healthy Fruit Acai Bowls For Weight Loss

I love acai bowls. I admit they are kinda pricy when purchased outside. So I thought of making some myself. Did a little googling and I realise you really need the acai berry (not raspberries, blueberries etc) to create the blend – use any other fruits, you will just end up with a smoothie.

I was snooping around the Cold Storage in my neighbourhood one fine day and pleasantly surprised to find that they did sell packet acai blend. Poppy & Co Acai Berry Pulp would make the mark well enough and it tasted quite good.

Watch the video on how I created my own special blend with Poppy & Co Acai Berry Pulp!

As the portion seemed a little small from using one individual packet of the frozen ready-to-eat acai blend, I decided to add more ingredients in to create my own acai base.


  1. Dice up the fruits into smaller pieces
  2. Into the blender, add the frozen acai blend, diced fruits, ice, yakult and water
  3. Blend until smooth
  4. Pour into bowls
  5. Decorate with chia seeds and more fruits
  6. Enjoy!

Note to self: The acai base turned out to be more watery and that’s because I added water and the blending of the fruits churned out water too. And yes I was trying to save up on using too much of the acai blend I bought.

The best advice is probably to add creamy yogurt to thicken up the base. Either that, simply don’t add water and use more of the given acai blend.

Since it’s homemade, you can DIY whichever way you like it!


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