Randy Indulgence Acai Bowl & Cereal Fruit Ice Cream at Tanjong Pagar Centre, CBD

Randy Indulgence is a takeaway Cereal and Acai Bar that opens at B1 of Tanjong Pagar Centre. Bringing you one step closer to a healthier self, Randy Indulgence specialises in feeding you with Superfood Bowls, Cereal Bowl and Cereal Fruit Ice Cream.

Superfood Bowls come in four selections: Fruity Bowl ($7.90/$9.90), Protein Bowl ($7.90/$9.90), Combination Bowl ($9.90/$11.90) or the Shiok Bowl ($14.90).

For any of the selection, choose your desired base of Acai, Pitaya (Red Dragonfruit) or a combination of both.

Besides the acai bowl, Randy Indulgence stands out from the usual acai bowl outlets with the introduction of the Cereal Bowl (that comes with chia seed pudding and fresh milk) and Cereal Fruit Ice Cream (that comes with two scoops of ice cream and chia seed pudding) on the menu.

The Cereal Fruit Ice Cream ($6.90) is a blend of one fruit (banana, blueberry, pineapple or mango), ice cream, and one cereal of your choice. After which it is drizzled in your preferred sauce.

Regarded as a diet Ice cream, this guilt-free treat is one notch healthier than most ice cream due to the inclusion of fruits in the blend. We had the mango ice cream with fruity pebbles, pink pearls and strawberry sauce.

There were the crunchy bits of cereal in between mouthfuls of the smooth ice cream. Dig deeper and you would find a layer of chia seed pudding, which resembles tiny spheres of jelly.

For the Shiok bowl, we had both acai and pitaya base in a bowl. At $14.90, it was a huge serving topped with a generous amount of ingredients such as blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, banana, chopped peanuts, almond and coconut flakes. Really love the smooth blend of the acai and pitaya respectively with just the right consistency.

In my previous visit, I also had the Shiok Bowl $14.90 which I opted for the Matcha Chia Seed Pudding base. What a unique pairing filled with nutritious delicacies.

Opened daily, you can now get your daily dose of wholesome indulgence in the CBD area.

Currently, you can get $3 off with any purchase on top of a 10% cashback for using the FAVE app at Randy Indulgence too!



Randy Indulgence

Tanjong Pagar Centre, #B1-10, 7 Wallich Street, Singapore 078884

Tel: +65 8808 4758


Mon – Fri : 8am to 10pm

Sat : 11am to 8pm

Sun/ PH : 11am to 6pm

Website: http://www.randyindulgence.com/


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