Qi Lai Feng, Chinatown Point – QQ Muscle Fish Hotpot in three spicy levels

Qi Lai Feng 齐来丰鱼庄 is not your usual hotpot. Featuring the exclusive #QQMuscleFish, this type of fish is reared under strict engineered conditions where the fishes have undergone broad beans diet for 100 days, followed by 45 days of fasting.

What’s unique about the #QQMuscleFish is the distinctive firm and chewy texture, yet without compromising on its juiciness. Only found at Qi Lai Feng, this is a must-try specialty!



The menu presents a wide selection of fish pots, available in three levels of spiciness and three sizes. Each pot would come filled with ingredients such as the dried chilli, yuba, enoki mushroom and konjac noodles.

The signature pots are the Mala Fish Pot, Jade Pepper Fish Pot and Mandarin Duck Pot, all of which are dry pot options. Choices of fish include the Dory Fish, Mullet, Q Fish and Red Grouper (in increasing price order). Price of a fish pot starts from $32.80 onwards. The soupy pots, on the other hand, comes in flavours such as the Sauerkraut Fish Pot, Gold Soup Lemon Fish Pot and the Tomato Fish Pot.

For a small-sized fish pot, the portion is good enough to feed up to four pax. The amount of fish is generous and there is also an option to have the pot refilled and turn it into a hotpot for other ingredients to be cooked in it.

The Mala Fish Pot was my favourite and level one spiciness was just nice without being overwhelmingly fiery. The sliced grass carp doused in boiling-hot oil is a delight to have at any time of the day.

Refill of Pork Bone Broth is complimentary and the menu offers a range of hotpot ingredients as add-ons.

Besides the tasty fish pots, there are also other Chinese delights worth having.

The highly recommended Collagen Q Fish Ribs $10.80 comes with a crunchy texture and chewy inside. Interestingly, it reminded me of fried pork belly.

Others include the Pickled Pepper Frog $28.80, Baby Lobster $28.80, Saliva Chicken $8.80 and more.


Qi Lai Feng 齐来丰鱼庄

133 New Bridge Rd, Chinatown Point, #B1-14/15, Singapore 059413

Tel: +65 6970 0777

Daily: 11:30AM – 9:45PM

Website: https://www.facebook.com/QiLaiFeng/


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