Prima Taste’s Nutritious Laksa Wholegrain LaMian & Ready Meals for A Taste of Singapore

National Day was just yesterday yet the festive mood is still ongoing! Whether you have taken leave to extend the National Day holiday into a long weekend to laze around or get on a trip, you can still indulge in a taste of home wherever you are.

Prima Taste’s fuss-free Ready Meals, signature Laksa LaMian and various Sauce Kits come in familiar local flavours that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Tuck into popular ready meals which include the Chicken Claypot Rice, Beef Rendang, Nonya Sambal Chicken with Rice, Curry Chicken with Rice and Laksa Fried Rice. These come in packaging which you can heat directly in the microwave for as fast as 90 seconds! Simply cut a 1cm slit at the top corner of the packaging and press the packaging to loosen up the rice a little before heating. I could even catch a whiff of the delicious Beef Rendang just by opening it.

It looked appetising and smelled temptingly when I poured the contents into a bowl. The beef was chunky and flavourful, with hints of sweetness too. As for the rice, they are packed more nutritiously with 20% wholegrain basmati rice and 5% multi-grains. MSG-free and preservatives-free, these ready meals are healthier food choices!

Online retail: $4.58 for a 260 g packet


It is amazing that Prima Taste’s Laksa Wholegrain LaMian is voted as the world’s no.1 instant noodle by the Ramen Rater for 3 consecutive years from 2016-2018. Laksa is one of my favorite dishes and I believe it is the same for many local tastebuds too.

The wholegrain lamian is made with 51% superfine wholegrain flour which contain health benefits such as helping in digestion and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Whipping up the meal is really easy. The packaging comes with coconut powder and chilli paste which I added to 170ml of boiling water together with the lamian. Then I cooked for fifteen minutes with added vegetables and mushrooms (you can opt for classic ingredients like the beancurd skin, bean sprouts and more) so that the noodles become softer. After which, I broke a soft boil egg over and it was ready to be eaten!

The laksa broth tasted heavenly. Though I only added one-third of the coconut powder, the texture was just right for me; thick, rich and delicious. It wasn’t very spicy so those who are afraid of the fiery taste can surely handle this! For myself, I had a teaspoon of chilli powder stirred in to spice it up a little.

Online retail: $11.40 for 4 packs

Seems like this weekend, I am going to be pre-occupied in the kitchen!


Prima Taste



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