Pizza Maru CNY Pizz-Sta & Calzone Set with Jjamppong Mayo Fried Chicken

Feeling weary of the endless love letters, cookies, and Yusheng this festive season? Pizza Maru, home of the signature green tea wellbeing dough, is back at it again with another pizz-sta flavour.

Dubbed the Golden Ingot, this seafood based creation will be available for a limited time. The black rice dough for this creamy pizz-sta serves as a base for an amalgamation of pasta, cheese, and generous portions of crab stick, prawns, and broccoli. Laced with spicy Jjamppong mayo, the pizza-sta is the perfect benchmark for those who enjoy the taste of mild spice.

Did I mention there are three types of cheeses baked into the Golden Ingot? Aside from mozzarella cheese gracing its top surface, the pizz-sta’s crust is stuffed with delicious string cheese, as well as a layer of cream cheese beneath it. Time to start clocking in those gym hours after consuming the pizz-sta, if you can finish it that is.

Priced at $26.80 ala carte, this sinfully rich creation is perfect for sharing with 3 – 4 diners; attempting to share this between 2 moderate eaters is a foolhardy attempt at best. Though the Golden Ingot could have done with a thinner base and one less cheese (I’m voting the cream cheese out), the seafood is plump and fresh.

At $43.80, the Golden Ingot Set packs a lot more to satiate ravenous appetites. The spiciness continues with the Jiammpong Mayo Half Chicken ($13.80 ala carte, $9.90 with any purchase). Fried to perfection with a crispy batter, the chicken is served piping hot, and yields tender, succulent meat that warrants a return visit. Other treats in the set include refreshing Ice Lemon Tea and your choice of Bingsu.

If you’re looking for something different, the Golden Boat ($18.80 ala carte, $36.80 with set)is a lower priced alternative. Resembling a bigger version of our favourite curry puff, the Golden Boat is a calzone stuffed with prawn, squid, and scallop, and flavoured with Jiammpong mayo.

Both dishes are now available at Pizza Maru, so swing by and get your seafood fix!


Pizza Maru

201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, #04-03/04, Singapore 188067

Tel: +65 6254 4307

Daily: 11.30AM – 10PM


1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-192/193 Northpoint City (South Wing), Singapore 768019

Tel: +65 6634 0930

Daily: 11:30AM – 10PM

Flagship outlet at Northpoint City!


Words and Images by@chuepachups

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