Pizza Maru Bugis+ Christmas Chicken Japchae Pizz-Sta Promotion

Pizza and pasta often appear together on menus in restaurants, but they have never appeared in a dish together. Not until now, for Pizza Maru has introduced their Pizz-Sta this Christmas! If you love your carbohydrates as much as I do, this would be a moment of triumph for us as we can now have the best of both worlds – all in a slice!

Some of you might be familiar with Pizza Maru; one of the world’s largest Korean Pizza chain, its first outlet hit the shores of our little red dot earlier this year in Yishun, Northpoint City. Diners would be pleased to know that they have since opened a new outlet at Bugis+ Level 4, a much more centralised location to better serve you pizza fanatics! As a Korean cuisine lover, their fusion-style pizzas & Korean fried chicken had won me over with their authentic Korean flavours presented in a very relatable fashion to Singaporeans.

Did you know that their wellbeing dough’ is patented & flown in from Korea direct to ensure consistency of quality? Made using 12 different grains such as black rice, barley and oats, green tea and chlorella, this fibre-rich, antioxidant-packed dough is definitely one of a kind! I absolutely adore the pleasant chewiness of the fluffy dough, evidence that much care has been put into the proofing process. With such a nutritious and yummy dough, any pizzas topping would be like icing on the cake!

Not one but TWO new creations greet you on their menu this festive season! Meet Chicken Japchae Pizz-Sta ($24.80), a seamless combination of their black rice dough with al-dente Korean glass noodles and pasta, smoked chicken chunks, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mixed capsicums, onions, topped with deli and mayonnaise.

Never would I have thought that pizza and pasta could go so well together! Miraculously, the duo complemented each other – the contrasting textures of the soft and chewy pizza dough versus the firm bite of the pasta and glass noodles brought out the best of each other. As these were just lightly seasoned, the more intense flavours of the other toppings completed the picture.

From the slightly tangy tomatoes, crunchy capsicums, earthy and juicy mushrooms, savoury bonito flakes to sweet mayo, all the elements came together to form a harmonious taste profile.

What binds all these together is 440g of cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese and string cheese – aren’t they generous! I can safely say that the ratio of the different cheeses used was almost perfect as it was cheesy enough but not at all overwhelming as the other ingredients continued to shine in their own right.

For those who have a heavier taste palate, you would be delighted with their Spicy Bulgogi Pizz-Sta ($25.80)! With the same dough & cheeses as its other Pizz-sta comrade, this number features marinated spicy bulgogi beef topped with basil leaf, mixed capsicums and kimchi. With so much going on, this is bound to satisfy your taste buds with its robust flavours!

Yes, these pizz-stas are extremely filling due to the carb-loading, and since Christmas is the season of gifting and sharing, how about you share this good deal with your friends and loved ones! Enjoy this Pizz-Sta Feast ($38.80) that includes your choice of Pizz-Sta, 3 pieces of their signature freshly fried chicken wings with fries, and 4 glasses of iced lemon tea (with jelly! What a pleasant surprise)!

Speaking of their Korean Fried Chicken, there are plenty of choices but I can assure you that they all taste fabulous as there is strict control over the ingredients and frying process. I was let in on a secret that they are fried for exactly 10 minutes for the ultimate crunch!

I tried the Garlic Dakjeong, which was befitting as one of the popular flavours. Generally sweet with a little spice and full of garlicky aroma, this dip was certainly a plus-point for the chicken wings that were fried to the perfect golden-brown. With crispy buttery batter coating the tender and juicy chicken meat, this is the epitome of a good fried chicken wing – so good on its own.

Pizza Maru’s Christmas Pizz-Sta comes in a standard size of 9 inches and will be available till 31 Jan 2019 (both dine in and takeaway), so grab them before they’re gone!


Pizza Maru

201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, #04-03/04, Singapore 188067

Daily: 11.30AM – 10PM


1 Northpoint Drive #B1-192/193,

South Wing Northpoint City Singapore 768019

Tel: +65 6254 4307

Daily: 11:30Am – 10PM



Flagship outlet at Yishun Northpoint City!


Words and images by @serenetomato

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