Pang Zi Durian – Luxurious Durian Ice Cream, Mousse & Puffs available for Island-wide Delivery

Pang Zi Durian 胖子榴莲 is a humble durian store in Jurong West that offers more than just our local favourite fruit – durian. With the durian season over till December, why not indulge in Pang Zi Durian’s durian-based desserts which include mousse, puffs and ice cream!

We began with the D24 Durian Mousse $5 (Add extra durian at $1) which features creamy, blissful portion of durian. Tasted even better when chilled.

As for the mini Puffs, they are available in three kinds of flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate and Durian, and come in tens. Prices for the durian puffs start at $10 for ten pieces.

The much anticipated Durian Ice Cream ($20 for 16oz) does not disappoint. Filled with the fragrant and taste of durian, each luxurious scoop can be easily devoured on its own or paired with some homemade waffles. Other ice cream flavours that can be found at Pang Zi Durian are Honeydew, Ferrero Rocher, Dark Chocolate, Exotic Thai Milk Tea, Salted Caramel Popcorn and more. The classic and Premium flavours go at $12 and $14 per pint respectively.

Island-wide delivery is available with a minimum spending of $40.

Enjoy free delivery (for deliveries in Jurong and Bukit Batok, or for orders $80 and above). Otherwise, there is a flat delivery fee of $5.

Pang Zi Durian

Blk 492, Jurong West Street 41 #01-18, Singapore 640492

Tel: +65 8193 9559

Daily: 12PM – 10PM


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