Ovenly Bytes – New Bakery selling Buttery Cookies, Biscoff Tarts & Florentines in Macpherson Mall

Recently opened Ovenly Bytes is a locally-owned bakery in Macpherson. Here, you can find a variety of cookies and tarts made in-house and sold in 10cm x 10cm tubs. Do stay tune to their 11.11 bake sales too!

The Butterookies, Tartellas and Bisctarts comprise of a crumbly and buttery base infused with the respective ingredients. It’s interesting to find a biscoff flavoured cookie too, further topped with biscoff crumbs. The Chocolate Chip cookie series, on the other hand, features crunchier texture and comes generously studded with chocolate bits.

Take a luxurious bite off the Florentines, lavished with nutrient-rich nuts and seeds. Plus, they are not cloyingly sweet so you can easily snack on a few at one go.


Red velvet white chocolate $10.80
Red velvet chocolate chip $10.80
Chocolate Chip $10.80
Nutty Chocolate Chip $10.80

Original butterookie $11.80
Cranberry / Almond Slice / Raisin Butterookie $12.80

Tartellas $15.80
Bisctart $15.80
Tartellas x Bisctart $15.80

Original Florentine $12.80
Almond Florentine $13.80
Cashew Florentine $14.80

Ovenly Bytes

401 MacPherson Road, #03-05, Singapore 368125

Tel: +65 9633 0305

Weekdays: 10AM – 6PM

Closed on Weekends

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ovenlybytes.sg/

*Pre-orders are strongly recommended.

*Free delivery with a minimum spending of $40. Otherwise, an $8 islandwide delivery applies.

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