OraSi Plant-based Soy Milk – The Healthy Alternative to Dairy Milk

The OraSi product range made its appearance in the Italian market five years ago. As a healthy and sustainable alternative to dairy milk, OraSi reaches out to those who are vegan, lactose- and gluten-intolerant. Now, the third biggest brand in Italy, OraSi has a total of 14 drinks, 4 vegan butters, 2 creams (cooking and whipping), 4 barista milks, and 1 gelato base under its name.

In Singapore, you can find OraSi products at places like Ryan’s Grocery, Simply Health and The Grocer.

Flavours for the barista milk include Milk, Oat, Rice and Almond, where the Almond Milk is made with 4.5% of pure Italian almonds, a higher concentration than most brands.

Additionally, the Soy Cocoa drink contains 1.5% pure cocoa which gives it a very rich and intense chocolatey flavour.


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