One Sushi 一口寿司 $1++ Sushi & Mentaiko Dishes Promo in Yishun; served on Auto Car Trucks & Conveyor Belt

Located a stone’s throw away from Northpoint City Mall, One Sushi 一口寿司 is a lovely quiet place for affordable Japanese sushi and chatter. Locally-owned by a team of Singaporeans, they aim to make One Sushi a delicious and wallet-friendly dining spot, great for family and friends.

You can be assured that there is a wide variety of sushi, with sushi bearing ingredients such as Uni, Salmon, Unagi, and more. Another interesting thing is that the sushi plates are served via an automated car and conveyor belt too! 

Two ongoing promotions till end of the year:

  • $1++ Sushi for all yellow plates
  • Mentai Do-Re-Mi Promotion

One Sushi is currently having an amazing daily promotion of $1++ per plate of sushi from 2.30pm to 5.30pm! Choose from a variety of sushi plates available on the moving conveyor belt.

The Ikura Sushi came with dollops of Ikura roe bursting with juicy goodness, over a bed of chopped, sweet cucumbers.

The Crispy Fish Skin had a really lovely crunch to it, coupled with a restraint on salt level.

I am calling this the queen of sushi – the raw salmon on the Salmon Sushi was superbly tender!

Apart from the $1++ promotion, do try out their premium dishes! They come swooshing over to you on these cute truck-carts that are reminiscent of moving food trains from another sushi chain too.

Under their Mentai Do-Re-Mi Promotion, six of their premium dishes are on a discount: Mentai French Fries ($3.80), Ika Mentai ($4.80), Karatsuki Hotate Mentai ($5.80), Ebi Mentai ($6.80), Salmon Mentai ($7.80), and the Gintara Mentai ($8.80).

The first premium dish we tried was the Mentaiko Fries. The mentaiko sauce was exactly how we enjoyed it – salty, full-flavoured and impactful. Doused over the fries, it made a great appetizer.

The Hotate Mentai was as big as my palm. Prices might be on the heavier side at $5.80 per piece but one bite in and you would have no regrets. It was fleshy and juicy with hints of smokiness at the surface.

One of our favourites was the Ika Mentai. If you love sotong, then this dish would definitely bowl you over. Neither chewy nor tough, the squid was actually quite tender. The mentaiko sauce added to the addiction and after torching, it gave off a sweet aroma. It was so tasty that we couldn’t help but ordered another one.

Featuring the Singapore’s Chef Specials, there were three kinds of rolls from their specials list of which the two we had were the Salmon Crepe Roll ($8.80), and our favourite, the Salmon Wrap Roll ($8.80).

They were shaped like Vietnamese rice rolls, encased with salmon and vegetables. It might look boring but don’t be fooled by its appearance as it tasted far from plain! Besides the obvious health benefits, the lettuce was refreshing against the savoury salmon while the rice roll kept them all wrapped together neatly.

For desserts, these kawaii-looking jellies go for $1++ each (U.P. $1.50) during the tea-time promotion, available daily from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Here’s a glimpse of what the orange jelly look like which tasted like real oranges. Our votes went to the lychee flavour. 

All in all, don’t miss the $1++ sushi and Mentai dishes promotions!

Support our Singaporean-opened restaurant and give it a little love!


One Sushi

Northpoint City Town Square, Yishun New Town,

#01-04, Singapore 760925

Daily: 11.30am – 10pm


Tel: +65 6481 9331



Images and write up by @chowbaccas

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