One Sushi Festive Sushi Donuts & $1++ Whole Day Promo on Yellow Plates

One Sushi takes their sushi and sashimi to the next level with Sushi-Donuts – could it be because of the donut craze that’s been hitting Japan and Singapore? Maybe. For this festive season, they’ve got these lined up: Salmon Avocado Sushi donut (Large $12.90, Small $7.90), One Sushi Sushi donut (Large $7.90, Small $4.90) and Refreshing Sushi donut (Large $7.90, Small $4.90), as well as a Sushi Classic Sushi Pizza ($9.90/slice).

We love the concept of a donut and have seen a few people ordering the cutely shaped sushi a few times as we waited for ours. 

The first sushi donut we tried was the One Sushi Sushi Donut Large ($7.90). It’s a combination of different fishes and ingredients: swordfish, tuna, salmon, crabmeat, salmon belly, and avocado slices, with Japanese mayo lacing the top. Look-wise, it is pretty adorable. It’s like eating sushi with your spoon instead of chopsticks. The seaweed at the base of the donut though, took while to tear apart.

Tastewise, it’s as good your usual piece of sushi. Except that there’s a surprise inside the rice… Tuna mayo!

Next up was the more festive looking sushi donut, the Salmon Avocado Sushi Large ($12.90). It’s almost decorated like a Christmas wreath! This one was more consistent in taste and looked more like a donut because the slices cover the sides of the donut fully. Taste-wise, it’s good! We can’t pass up on the tasty salmon slices, avocado, and ikura! The rice was also delicious. 

Finally, the third item under their Christmas Specials is the Sushi Classic Sushi Pizza ($9.90/slice), which probably gives you enough reason to start eating with your hands.

The two latest items on One Sushi’s menu were the Chicken Yakitori – $9.80/6 pcs and Salmon Head with Rice & Miso Soup $9.90.

This Chicken Yakitori set of six was amazing! The caramelised Japanese sauce and glaze went perfectly with the tender, well-marinated chicken. Everyone was clamouring for more!

The Salmon Head looks charred and grisly but it has got really deliciously-grilled bits of salmon that go well with the rice and miso soup. Watch out for tiny bits of bone!

Rejoice Sushi lovers! Besides these sushi donuts and pizzas, you’ll be happy to know that from the 24th to 28th December, One Sushi will be launching a $1++ whole day promo on all of their conveyor belt yellow plate sushis!

Another tasty favourite that we love from is the Ika Mentai $4.80, which is a very, very hot item here under their mentai dish collection!

You mustn’t miss out on the French Fries Mentai $3.80, either. It’s so good, and they’re really generous with the mentai sauce! Strangely, it doesn’t get jelak!

You just gotta try One Sushi’s Chef special, the Salmon Crepe Roll $8.80.

Inside the roll is crispy fish skin, and on top is layered with a delicious seared salmon with mentaiko sauce and bits of flying fish roe! 

The meal wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks, and apart from the Green Tea that you can drink and keep re-drinking, there’s also a collection of other soft drinks or fruit juices. We ordered the Kobe Kyoryuchi Apple Juice 350ml $2.60 and Kobe Kyoryuchi Orange Juice 185ml $1.80. Very refreshing and so kawaii! FYI, the orange juice can only fill up the cup just once.

Don’t miss out on the festive feasting that’s happening at One Sushi from now till 31 December!


One Sushi

Northpoint City Town Square, Yishun New Town,

#01-04, Singapore 760925

Daily: 11.30am – 10pm


Tel: +65 6481 9331



More of One Sushi’s food can be found here!


Images and write up by @chowbaccas

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