Nutcracker By Gateway Entertainment – A Spectacular Magic Extravaganza

The Nutcracker is a performance production by Gateway Entertainment and P’Art 1 Design, transporting us into a magical world full of colours, sounds and lights.

During its debut performance at Gateway Theatre on the 25th August 2017, the Nutcracker has drawn a large crowd from all walks of life to its official premiere. Directed by Fan Dong Kai, this theatrical performance by father- daughter duo Lawrence and Priscilla Khong will be an eye-opener for many!

The Nutcracker is a brand new rendition from the old Christmas Classic which will bring us, the audience, onto a magical and exciting journey through different worlds. One moment we can be overlooking a majestic ballroom and the next we are plunged into a jungle with animated trees and plants.

The visuals are amazing! The lighting effects are fantastic; relentless and full of colourful beams. Following the pace of the Nutcracker, we can see how the light effect increases in volume and intensity as the climax is reached.

I absolutely love the stage costumes too. I can see how much effort is put into their dressing, ranging from vibrant funky clothes to animal mascots, anime character and so on. There is even an appearance of a giant dinosaur and a cute bear.

Elements of magic tricks can be seen throughout the Nutcracker to which my eyes are constantly glued to. I am sure many will be curious to find out what illusions are involved! Watch the show to feel the excitement!

This is in fact the first time that no dialogue is involved in the Nutcracker, relying just on the art of magic, dance and stunning light effects as narration.

The Nutcracker also holds a record of 14 international dancers in its troupe alongside a 50+ backstage production team for their current performance.

Try to catch the dancers after the performance too!

And yes, I managed to snap a photo with Mr Lawrence Khong 🙂

Catch the Nutcracker live on stage now!

Only available for a limited time period from 25th Aug to 10th Sep 2017.

Venue: Gateway Theatre, 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159461


Fri – Sat Night show, 8pm
Standard: S$88, S$68, S$48
Restricted View: S$38

Matinee, 2.30pm & 5pm
Standard: S$78, S$58, S$38
Restricted View: S$28

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