My Cozy Room Boutique Spa Review – Best Painless Extraction Facial In Singapore

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is reachable via a leisure two minutes walk uphill from Paragon Shopping Centre Taxi Stand to Cairnhill Road; where you will find a terrace house transformed into a multi-storey shophouse.

Opened since 2010, My Cozy Room has established a name for itself in the spa industry, evolving into an award-winning boutique spa that has won numerous accolades to date. Of which noteworthy, they have been consecutive winners for Blissful Brides from 2013 to 2016 and is also the official spa for several beauty pageants.

Upon entry, I was sensed a homely atmosphere. As for the interior, it exudes a gold and pinkish hue, furnished with Victorian furnitures and ornaments.

My Cozy Room offers facial and spa services.

You can choose between two types of facial treatment:

For locals, it is 50% off the usual price.

Customised Facial: $88 for first trial, usual $168 (90 min)

Premium Illuminating Facial: $144 for first trial, usual $288 (120 min)


For non-locals, it is 20% off the usual price.

Customised Facial: $150 for first trial, usual $168 (90 min)

Premium Illuminating Facial: $230 for first trial, usual $288 (120 min)

More services can be found here.

I took up the award-winning Customised Facial Treatment which was tailored according to my skin condition. My concern lies largely on the huge amount of blackheads on my nose and the oily skin around the T-zone. It has been quite some time since I do facial and my skin felt in need of a thorough treatment.

For those with severe acne issues or other deeper skin problems, you can actually opt for the Illuminating Facial Treatment for a better effect.

As for their products, I love that My Cozy Room uses BABOR, Germany’s popular skincare brand that comes with a very nice fragrance.

The intensive treatment was a multi-step process that lasted almost two hours. It consisted of a series of deep pore cleansing, face steaming, extraction, eye-brow shaping, facial and arm massage. Surprisingly the facial also includes the crystal eye massage and a luxurious Alginate Face Mask that contains deep sea algae which can flush off facial impurities.

What swept me off my feet was the extraction which was done with seemingly less pain as compared to the other facial extractions I have had. Yet the result was fabulous. I had expected a very painful extraction process based on past experiences, but the extraction done in My Cozy Room was nothing as painful as expected!

I also particularly enjoyed the Revitalizing Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Massage
 which was very cooling on the skin surface. It helped to restore the radiance in the eyes and made me look livelier too.

After the facial, the clogged pores on my face were also less significant, so were the blackheads. Now my skin is cleaner, smoother and looking more radiant. And the best part is that it remains like this perfectly even after several days.

My Cozy Room has indeed changed my perception on facial extraction. Now I know which facial spa to go to for an almost painless extraction process coupled with a gentle crystal eye treatment and stress-relieve massages.


My Cozy Room Boutique Spa (Reservations highly recommended)

56A Cairnhill Road Singapore 229667

Tel: +65 6732 0030




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