MuYoo – Healthier Cheese Rose Cloud Teas, Fruit Teas & Purple Potato Latte

Singapore has no lack of beverage stores, especially when a tropical country like ours always make us crave for something cooling to have.

Fruit teas in Singapore are abundant and amidst a demand that constantly feeds on the supply, new outlets continue to spring up in every corners offering more varieties and healthier choices.

So when MuYoo, a Shanghainese beverage brand, landed in Singapore armed with a series of cheese teas and fruity teas aim at the health conscious, you know that the tides have changed.

MuYoo takes pride in creating drinks with only the freshest ingredient. It offers a wide selection, ranging from the Cheese/Rose Cloud Fruit Tea, Fun Fruit Tea, Fruit Smoothies to Tea Latte and MuYoo’s Tea Pot. We tried five drinks and they were generally less sweet and pleasant on the palate.

Forget the cheese tea from a particular ‘L’ brand. MuYoo does it smoother and lighter with their Cheese Cloud It’s Just Peachy $5.50 and Cheese/Rose Cloud Roasted Oolong $3.5/$3.90. The Cheese Rose Cloud boasts a pinkish hue and is less cheesy than the Cheese Cloud. I was glad that the cheese also blends well with the tea without one overpowering another.

What makes this Cheese Cloud so unique? MuYoo reveals that it is made with naturally derived milk powder from New Zealand, pure cheese powder from Holland, real sea salt from Bolivia and other natural ingredients. Wow.

The Fun Fruit Tea presents tea made from different combination of fruits. Peach + Kalamansi + Passion Fruit Fun Fruit Tea $4.90 is not as acerbic as I thought and the profile of peach sets in quickly and lingers in my mouth. The Passionfruit + Aloe Vera + Cucumber $4.90 on the menu looks equally quench-thirsting as well!

Purple Potato + Pumpkin $3.90 comes in a beautiful shade of pastel purple. If you are a fan of root vegetables, this is the drink for you with a thick consistency that’s not overwhelmingly cloying.

Look out for the menu board on drinks special displayed at the counter. This time round, MuYoo has the Cocoa Tea and Matcha Tea series such as The Simply Matcha + Green Tea Jelly $4.50/$5.50.

Here’s a guide on how to drink your Cheese Cloud drink too!



Raffles City Mall, #B1-67, Singapore 179103


Daily: 10AM – 10PM



Check out MuYoo+ at Bedok Mall!


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