Mr.octopus Singapore Midnight Hotpot Delivery with No Delivery Charges

Face with hunger pangs at night? Too lazy to leave the house for food?

Mr.octopus makes a great buddy; offering food delivery service up till 4am in the wee hours. The best part is that delivery can take place within an hour plus upon ordering. Speaking of late night owls and those living no where near 24-hour eateries, Mr.octopus will be really useful and convenient to use.

No hotpot equipments? You don’t even need to worry because you can simply purchase in-app or rent it for that night!

Ordering is to be done through Mr.octopus App. Currently there are five outlets to order from. You can get Korean BBQ from Sunburst, cooked Sichuan dishes from Qiu Shui Ren Jia, DIY your own mala xiang guo from Hot4U, signature chicken pots from Guo Gui Ren and last but not least, hotpot from Yin.

As I have my own pots, all I need are the soup bases and ingredients!

Mr.octopus app is really easy to use. I can choose to order now or pre-order in advance. There is a minimum spend of $40 but delivery is free of charge – something unexpected since most delivery services charge and I once had the experience of late night delivery service that charged almost the same price as the item I am buying! Note that payment is only in cash though.

Sometimes there are promotions running in-app.

Currently, you can get $20 when you spend $60, $30 off when you spend $80 and $50 off when you spend $120. What a deal!

Ordering from Yin just some time ago, there was a promotion for Black Pork Collar at $2 for a spend of $50.

The items all came packed neatly in their individual packaging. It would be best if they could also label the items inside on the packaging itself.

Ingredients were generally fresh and clean.

Choices of the soup bases include the Big Bone, Ginseng Black Chicken, Suan-cai, Herbal, Collagen, Spicy, Tomato, Mushroom and Tom Yum – and they came in such chubby bottles.

There are options for small and large bottles and price ranges from as low as $3 to $14 for premium ones.

For ingredients, we ordered the Fresh Prawns $15 for 8 pieces, Dory Fish $12, Baby Abalone $8, Chinese Cabbage $3, Vegetable Platter $12, Mushroom Platter $12 and more.

Extra sauces for dipping are available too as Seafood Sauce $0.80, Beef/Mushroom Sauce $0.50 and Dou-fu Ru $0.50.

The soup was really good and for the portion, it was good enough to fill up the entire pot and feed up to four pax.

The sliced fish was fresh as day and the mala soup was as authentic as it could get. You might want to skip the vegetables and use the ones from your fridge.

For roughly $100 worth of items, I got all these stuffed into a big red box which also came with cutleries, paper table mats and napkins. How thoughtful is this!


Mr.octopus App



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