Meatlovers by ADiRECT Singapore – Japanese Saga-Gyu Event at Tower Club

ADiRECT Singapore is an exclusive premium Japanese food distributor in Singapore. With an online website selling a range of meat products, meat lovers can find beef, pork and lamb available for orders as individual portions and curated meat packages for festive occasions.

Bringing consumers one step closer to premium Japanese beef and produces, ADiRECT Singapore introduces the exquisite Saga-Gyu, prized for its high-quality meat, great marbling score and melt-in-the-mouth texture, amongst several other Japanese agricultural products such as the Saga-Honoka Strawberry, Mandarin Orange and Kouju Tomato.

Offering a glimpse into these and an opportunity to taste the Saga-Gyu, ADiRECT Singapore held ‘The SAGA Experience’ event on 8th February 2018 at the 62nd floor of a private business club, Tower Club. I was glad to be invited for this exclusive event! Not only were we educated on the various produces and Saga-Gyu, we could also sample Saga-Gyu dishes specially prepared by two chefs from two top restaurants in Singapore and Japan.

The event started with a welcome speech and the introduction of the two chefs. Before we headed for the tasting area, the chefs gave a run down of the ingredients used to prepare the various Saga-Gyu dishes.

There are many exciting pairings for Saga-Gyu. The Saga-Gyu Somen was a light and mildly fragrant bowl of noodle soup which allowed us to taste the flavour of the beef without overpowering it. The beef was very tender and juicy with faint hints of mint.

Some other dishes we had were the Saga A5 Wagyu Sirloin with Japanese Cucumber, Red Radish and Ice Plant and Saga A5 Wagyu Rib Cap Sliced Torched, Japanese Tomato Fondue and Lotus Crisp. 

Saga A5 Wagyu Rib Cap Sliced Torched, Japanese Tomato Fondue and Lotus Crisp

I still enjoy savouring beef in its original taste! The Saga-Gyu was a good medium rare. I simply popped the whole beef cube into my mouth and chewed. It was easily one of the best beef I had. The texture was so tender the beef felt like it would just melt on my tongue. It was very juicy and buttery rich. Yes, and this is where you could sip on some sake to cut through the richness of the taste.

It was so out-of-the-world delicious I went for seconds and… a third.

Japanese fruits are known for their top-notch quality. As least in Singapore, we know their high prices explain the quality you are getting. Even the tomatoes are sweeter than the usual ones in Singapore. Speaking of which, Kyoho grapes and strawberries are two of my favourite fruits from Japan.

It was an eye-opener trying a variety of alcohol such as the Sake and Umeshu, experiencing for myself the subtle differences when paired with the Saga-Gyu.

This Tenzan Jizake Junmai Genshu came wrapped in a beautiful packaging. Only only was it perfect as a gift, it was a popular drink among the guest too.

As for the choice of Tower Club as a hosting venue, it couldn’t be more befitting than this. The deluxe Saga-Gyu and fine Japanese produces definitely warrant a look and feel parallel to their exquisiteness and quality.

Oh, and the view from the 62nd floor was amazing.


Meatlovers by ADiRECT Singapore


Tower Club

9 Raffles Place, Penthouse (62nd – 64th Floors),

Republic Plaza, Tower 1, Singapore 048619



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