Matchaya Takashimaya Pop-up Store with Mystery Soft Serve Flavours – Till 10 June

Matcha & White Sesame Twist (Note: Biscuits are self-added)

Matchaya is having a pop-up store at Takashimaya Basement 2! Besides their whole range of warabi mochi and nama chocolate series retailing at the pop-up store, Matchaya has launched a new White Sesame (mystery) flavour to go along with their signature Matcha Soft Serve.

Duo flavour options are available and topped with black sesame sauce. Prices are fixed at $6 per cup.

Other drinks selections included are the Hand Whisked Japanese Clear Tea and Milk Tea too!

The promotion at Takashimaya is until 10th June 2018.

P.S Matchaya will be changing the mystery flavour soon. So look forward to it!





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