Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 for Tea-infused Tri-Soup & Fresh Ingredients at Smith Street, Chinatown

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 amazes with its Ice Herb Tea with Bamboo Drip $30 (inclusive of tri-soup base), filling up the table with a charming display of dry ice smokiness. Tea would flow out from the bamboo drip into the boiling soup, which can help to relieve diners from the heatiness from the meal.

Bearing a luxurious decor with befitting solid-wood tables and chairs, Li Xiang Lan is no less splendid than the popular hotpot spots around in Singapore. Opens till 4am daily, night goers can certainly mark this place in their list of supper haunts.

Soup bases are really important to a hotpot restaurant. There is the standard Pork Bone/Fresh Mushroom Soup $18 that would go well with any ingredients for its comforting taste, Tomato Soup $18 for a sweet, tangy and savoury touch, and don’t forget the Sichuan Spicy Soup $20 not for the faint-hearted. Catering to local flavours is the Laksa Soup $18 while the Spicy Recipe Tallow Soup $22 is bound to make your meal even more gratifyingly sinful.

Three-pot and two-pot options include the Tri-Soup Base Hot Pot $26 and Sichuan Spicy Yuan Yang Hotpot $20 respectively.

The menu is extensive, ranging from homemade balls, fresh fish slices and pig innards, to premium seafood like abalone and Arctic clam, Wagyu beef, tofu specialities, and various types of vegetables and mushrooms. 

Vegetables Platter $18 had a good mix of greens and mushrooms, a portion enough for two to three pax. I like that the ingredients appeared clean and free of damages, a sign that they were chosen for their quality.

The Meat Ball Platter $22 (portion pictured below is slightly smaller) were homemade and came in pork, beef and chicken. They reaped different textures depending on the type of meats, though a tad on the salty side.

Don’t miss the Handmade Shrimp Cake $16 that was both tender and crunchy after cooked.

Some other dishes we had was the Dory Fillet $12, Beef Tripe, Ring Roll $6, Konjac $8 and Kung Fu Celtuce Slices $8, alongside Brown Sugar Cake $6 and Fried Buns with Condensed Milk $6 for desserts.

The fishes here were really good.

We could also help ourselves at the sauce station at an additional cost!

Reservations can be made via Quandoo!


Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅

46 Smith Street, Singapore 058955

Daily: 11:30AM – 4AM


Tel: +65 6786 5885



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