KOKA Purple Wheat Instant Noodles for simple home-cooked healthy meal!

Despite my social space being constantly bombarded with medical studies unveiling the ugly truth of instant noodles, my love for these springy carbohydrates in MSG-loaded broth remains deep-rooted.

Instant noodles may not be the healthiest food on earth but they are simply evolving to become better than before. Noodles’ quality are improved and the powder gets a little more authentic. Soon, words like ‘no preservatives’, and ‘healthier choice’ start sprawling across packagings and consumers like you and me would be more than happy to embark on a new dining journey.

Koka’s push on the Purple Wheat Noodles is probably one-of-a-kind in Singapore featuring purple noodles, 100% steamed and then baked. Filled with antioxidants, these are good for your heart and immune system too!

These noodles come in four different flavours like Chilli & Lime, Homestyle Braised Duck, Aglio Olio and Soy & Vinegar.

I love cooking with noodles. After I had the ingredients (enoki mushrooms and green beans) cooked and sieved out, I had the noodles plunged into boiling water with added seasoning.

Tried the Homestyle Braised Duck and I was quite surprised to find it rather light-tasting.

Alternatively, I had also cooked the noodles with chilli powder, cabbage and dumplings for a fuller meal.


Koka Purple Wheat Noodle

Website: http://www.kokanoodles.com/our-family/koka-purple


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