Kipos Gourmet, Tanjong Pagar Centre – Protein Bowl with Mentaiko Salmon & Truffle Soyu

A healthy protein bowl as low as $10 in the CBD? Kipos Gourmet is the one for you. Newly opened at Tanjong Pagar Centre, this takeaway joint whips up healthy yet hearty protein bowls filled with ingredients that are naturally-sourced and great for weight-watchers too.

On the menu are six types of protein bowls catering to diners of all sorts of diet and lifestyle; ranging from tofu-based The Vegan Bowl $10 and The Vegetarian $11 to The Paleo Bowl $12 with sous vide chicken as the main protein and The Dairy Free $14 that comes with Tuna Sashimi.

Can’t decide because you simply wants everything? You can Build Your Own Bowl starting $10 onwards and the choices are extensive!

For the BYOB, I like how Kipos Gourmet is really generous with their options where you can choose up to two Bases, 5 kinds of Greens, 3 Crunch and then Lux it Up with something tastier.

Instead of the usual beef slices or vegetarian patty often seen in other outlets offering DIY bowls, Kipos Gourmet takes a bold twist towards a seafood-centric menu with the Norwegian Salmon Sashimi (+$3), Yellowfin Tuna Sashi (+$3) and Aburi Salmon with Mentaiko (+$5), while the other two non-seafood protein base remain as Tofu and Sous Vide Free Range Chicken (+$2).

That caught me in a dilemma, especially when the thought of putting together a ‘poke bowl’ was as strong as having a mentaiko meltdown.

The dressing looked equally tempting and sauces like the Wasabi Ponzu and Roasted Sesame would probably go better with the fishes.

For my customised bowl, the base came layered with shredded Purple and Green Cabbage buried underneath heaps of SpinachCarrots and Beetroot strips, Radish, juicy Cherry Tomatoes and sprinkles of Flying Fish Roe. My solution for the midweek purgatory included relishing in the extra pleasure of an Onsen Egg together with the Aburi Salmon with Mentaiko.

I absolutely adored the aburi salmon that was chunky yet bore a buttery creamy texture, further enhanced by the umaminess of the mentaiko. Opted for the truffle soyu to be tossed with the components, and the fragrance of truffle easily primed my senses before I even dug in.


Add on $4 for a bring-home mug of Organic Iced Tea. If you use the same mug on your next visit for a drink, you can get $1 off too.

Besides advocating on healthy living, Kipos Gourmet also gives back to society. You can do your part by donating $1 to charity and in return receive a tote bag.


Kipos Gourmet

7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre,

Unit B2-19, Singapore 078884


Mon – Fri: 11:00 – 20:30

Sat: 11:00 – 15:30


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