Kenwood kFLEX All-in-1 Kitchen Helper + Yogurt Tomato Salsa Recipe

There are many times when I wanted to make something, say bake a cake, mound some meatballs or whip up my own smoothie bowl. And often I find myself in a constraint situation where I lack certain equipment and ended up scrapping the idea of making anything. That said, my kitchen is small, and hardly even have the capacity to store tons of machines, let alone bigger items.

So when Kenwood kFLEX comes along, I thought I found my ultimate kitchen helper. Almost like an all-in-1 built-in system, kFLEX is what every bakers and cooks would dream of – food processor, metal mixer, blender, weighing function and timer.

With this I can simply have my ingredients sliced and chopped, get a good mixture of dough and other stuffs thrown in or even a nice smoothie, all at one touch of a button. Now getting the amount of ingredients right is made easier with kFLEX’s built-in weighing machine too. Sounds good!

Sharing with you my recipe of the Yogurt Tomato Salsa made using Kenwood’s kFLEX.


  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 half of an onion
  • 125g of yogurt
  • Pepper
  • Lentil chips


  1. Measure 125g of yogurt using the weighing machine
  2. Dice up tomatoes and onions in the food processor
  3. Add in yogurt
  4. Let it spin for 30s
  5. Pour mixture into a bowl
  6. Pair with any chips you like!


Want to make something more?


Kenwood kFLEX



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