24-Hour Jinjja Chicken at Changi Airport T2 serves Breakfast from 4AM!

What’s better than a Korean fried chicken shop? A 24-hour Korean fried chicken shop! Having made its nest at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Jinjja Chicken’s newest outlet is also the chain’s first 24-hour branch, with an exclusive breakfast menu to feed hungry travellers from 4am to 11am daily, plus you can add an additional $1 to make it into a beverage set or $2 more for beverage and hash brown set.

Brightly decorated with snazzy light fixtures and giant screens showing K-pop videos (so diners can fulfil both musical and culinary whims at the same time), Jinjja Chicken’s airport outlet will also sell branded merchandise, such as tote bags, t-shirts, and even the house spicy sauce.

Korean toasts and porridges from Jinjja’s breakfast menu. While the sheer size of the Crispy Fried Chicken Toast $5.50 may pose a challenge for some to chew through, it was a decent portion to fill up your tummy, and of course, don’t miss the Bulgogi Beef Toast $6.50, nicely dressed up in melted cheese to complete this morning meal.

The other two types of Korean toast you might find here are the Spam and Egg Toast $5.50 and the Egg and Cheese Toast $5.50.

Diners seeking some belly-warming savouries can tuck into Jinjja Chicken’s porridge selections, which include the Chicken Porridge $5.50 and the Seafood Porridge $6.50 which has an appetising aroma and taste.

There is also a Kid’s Breakfast Meal $5.50, consisting of a Chicken Porridge Set alongside a complimentary cup of Orange Juice.

Also exclusive to Changi Airport Terminal 2 is the Army Stew $10.90, which is available with rice, vermicelli, or noodles. This sizable portion for one includes sausages, ham, enoki mushrooms, and baked beans, topped with a slice of melted cheese. You can also customise the intensity of the sauce, by choosing between original and monster levels of spice.

Other fixtures on Jinjja Chicken’s menu, such as Korean Fried Chicken ($4.50 – $19.90), Myeon/ Noodles ($7.90 – $10.90), Seafood Mandu ($3.90 – $7.90), and Kimbap Rice Rolls ($7.90 – $8.90), held up pretty well on the outlet’s launch day. Extra points for the ever-ready supply of individual bowls and disposable gloves for easy feasting!

Ice Cream cone is only at $1.80 each!



Jinjja Chicken

Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard level 2, Singapore 819643

Tel: +65 62143608

Website: http://www.jinjjachicken.com/


Words and Images by @chuepachups

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