isteamboat at Marina Square – 4-Tier Pagoda Steamboat with Cheese

isteamboat offers one of the most affordable Lunch Porridge Buffet you can find in Singapore from $7.80+ with 24 dishes. Even more intriguing is the massive 4-tier Pagoda Steamboat Buffet that allows you to cook your food differently!

In the 1st tier, you can steam buns, mussels, clams and prawns, followed by the second tier where you can choose to have Cheese, Satay Sauce or Salted Egg.

The third tier is the BBQ section for meats and seafood. The food was cooked quite fast too despite being at the upper tier.

The bottom last tier consists of a duo pot for two types of soup base ranging from the signature Imperial isteamboat Soup, Chicken Soup, Tom Yum Soup, Korean Kimchi Soup, Vegetarian Soup, Sichuan Ma La Soup to the newly introduced Herbal Chicken Soup.

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The Pagoda Steamboat Buffet even comes with a list of ala carte side dishes (add $4.99+). There are chicken, fish, prawns, sotong and vegetables cooked in various sauces and unique ones like the Deep Fried Kang Kong which is a rare sight in a buffet.

Definitely spoilt for choice when you have got favourites like Salted Egg Chicken, Sambal Fish, Cereal Sotong and Curry Fishballs etc all listed in a chit sheet.

With a total of 27 ala carte items, each diner can order a maximum of 2 dishes while each table is limited to 10 dishes.

The spread at the buffet line was rather decent. There were tons of ingredients that would go really well with the soup. We simply loaded our plates with the various Fish/Meat/Sotong Balls, Crab Claws, Sugar Cane Prawns, Sausages, Cheese Tofu and Dumplings.

I love the seafood selection with my bias in Mussels, Clams and Bamboo Clams! It would be great if there were crabs and/or scallops too.

Meat lovers would be thrilled to know that isteamboat offers an array of meat in different marination such as Teriyaki, Tom Yum and Garlic.

I would really recommend the Fish Paste and Minced Meat which were served in a flat oval plate. Instead of sending them into the soup, we had them grilled and the meats actually turned out to be quite tender as compared to the previous.

Ramen for steamboat?

Yes and the noodles were springy and soaked up the soup well.

The Fuzhou Meat Ball was a surprised find. And not forgetting to dip our food into the sauce too, we had the Cheese dip which was derived from Nacho Cheese, easily forming a smooth cheesy blanket over the meats.

Free-flow juices and ice cream are also Included in the Pagoda Steamboat Buffet.

It was an enjoyable buffet that came with such a huge pot where we could load as many ingredients as we want. The different soup base looks really interesting too with options like Fish Soup and Korean Kimchi Soup. For the price point, it is rather worth your penny given the spread and unique steamboat experience.



Mon – Thur: $22.80+

Fri to Sun, eve of PH & PH: $26.80+




6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102A, Marina Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 039594

Mon – Sun: 11:45am – 10pm

Tel: +65 6338 7873



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