Ippin Cafe Bar: For Lovers of Sake and Homely Japanese Food

A 3-in-1 Japanese cafe, restaurant and concept store along Mohamed Sultan Road, Ippin Cafe Bar serves Japanese comfort food at affordable pricing. With products imported directly from Japan, you can expect to find a range of sake offered here alongside an area of the restaurant selling Japanese snacks, condiments and tea, to name a few. 

The interior exudes a homely vibe where I could imagine myself simply grabbing a sake bottle off their shelves and lounging on one of their benches, snacking away.

The best part is that if you cannot finish a whole bottle on the day itself, you can store it in the restaurant and come back another day to finish it. (That’s why you see those bottles above have name tags attached to them!)

From 3rd January 2017 onwards, diners get to enjoy a New Menu by Chef Takanobu Matsuto who had worked in a Kaiseki restaurant in Japan as a head chef before. Excited?
As this is a hosted meal, some dishes are in tasting portions (hence, not the actual size)
Something new on the menu is this Grilled Pacific Saury Salad w/ Garlic (Usual $18, $15 till Feb 2017). The smoked fish were really tasty and tender. Served on a bed of greens, carrots and tomatoes, it was a great starter. 
Our eyes nearly popped out at this glistening bowl of Ikura. The Shishiori Ikura Don Set (Usual $43, $38 till Feb 2017) was filled with Kesennuma Shishiori-imported Ikura. Each bite was filled with the burst of the Ikura in my mouth. Yum!
We were served a cute mini version of this.
The Shishiori Salmon Chazuke Set ($15, Photo shown is tasting portion) was like a salmon porridge where you get to pour the dashi stock into the bowl of rice, salmon and condiments. In fact, you could just slurp it down directly without a spoon. Slightly sweet and flavourful broth. Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling down your throat too.
Speaking of Japanese food, how can we not try their noodle dishes!

The Yakisoba set (Ala Carte $10, Set $12, Photo shown is tasting portion) was a typical Japanese staple of springy noodles cooked in a sweet and savoury sauce. The addition of the carrot slices and cabbage provided some extra crunch to the overall texture, whereas the pork belly was just too sinful to be missed!

Also, each set comes with salad, miso soup and a mini Houjicha pudding which was a smooth and dense dessert made of houjicha tea leaves.

Another soupy dish we had was this Chicken Sukiyaki (Usual $18, $15 till Feb 2017).

The minced chicken balls were enjoyable with the firm yet tender consistency. It felt healthy as the broth was rather light and filled with tons of vegetables. Recommended!
No Japanese meal is complete without sake!
You may opt for the Sake Tasting Set $15 for a set of 3 or order by the Bottle:
1) Ramsar Junmai Daiginjo $55
2) Yuuto Masamune Junmai Ginjo $51
3) Shiromon Mongai Fujyutsu Junmai Ginjo $71
4) Houjun Umaguchi Mongai Fujyutsu Junmai Daiginjo $133
5) Wakazakari Handmade Umeshu (Plum Wine) $51

Not sure what to order! The staff will be more than willing to help.

Kanazawa Beer ($11). Not bad!
Ippin Cafe Bar is a promising place to go to for some chillax drinking session with comfort Japanese fare. What’s more, prices are all NETT too!
18 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238967
Tel: 6733 4794

Mon to Sat: 12PM-3PM, 5PM-11PM

This is an invited tasting

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